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Pal Me Alakh Lakhawe -- Experienced the Supreme Being, in an instant!

Pal Me Alakh Lakhawe!
Experienced the Supreme Being, in an instant!

Original Article in Hindi by Pt. Achileshwar Mishra
Translated into English by Lalit Gunjan Singh

What do the greatest spiritual gems of all times - The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, The Koran, The Guru Granth Sahib, The Torah, and The Zend Avesta have in common? Themes of brotherhood, doing good to others, refraining from sin, faith, devotion and surrender to a Supreme Being – God by any name.

What if we were to experience the ultimate distillation of spiritual truths finding cryptic mentions in these books? This article is based on a real life story, that of Sevavratiji, an ordinary man but an extra-ordinary disciple of Sadguru Shri Swami Sadafal Deo ji. His story offers insights into how devotion towards the spiritual teacher is the key to attaining God’s grace.

The sequence of events is being presented here in as plain a manner as possible, bereft of hyperbole and exaggeration.

This is the description of the journey of a soul’s consciousness right up to the zone of creation and destruction of universes. Here the soul, endowed with infinite power, thinks itself to be God Almighty; a mistaken assumption that is rectified by the spiritual teacher – The Sadguru.

This is the very zone that most of the greatest saints of the world have achieved. Yet, there is one final zone that lies just beyond. That is the zone of the Supreme Being, the Singular Almighty God.
-       The Editorial Board


The Sadguru is omnipotent. He can bless us with the Supreme Being in a moment. He has taken an oath, to liberate at least a hundred thousand souls. The short comings are within us: our lack of readiness to serve the Sadguru!

Pt. Achileshwar Mishra – Vice President, Society of Saints, has authored this priceless work that had been published in our Hindi magazine, the ‘Sahaj Yoga Sandesh’ in its ‘Reminiscences Special’ copy, January - February 2002. Probably no other scripture has described the infinite blessings of the Sadguru in such detail. Here, the disciple Sevavratiji has been guided through all the five stages of Vihangam Yoga within moments by the Sadguru himself. He has then been asked to describe his experiences.

I will feel myself blessed if this article inspires greater faith towards the Sadguru’s divine powers and emphasize the following –

Sevajit Uttirna ko Vishva Alabhya na Hoya!
Mukti Tahi Pichhe Fire, Sadguru Sevak Soya!!

Translation: Nothing, absolutely nothing is there in the universe which is not available for one who has gone beyond the call of duty to serve the Sadguru. He is the ideal disciple of the Sadguru and Salvation is a mere trifle for him.

-       Lalit Gunjan Singh


At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Reverend Sadguru Shri Swami Sadafal Deo ji asked for his chair and sat facing northwards. ‘Shri Swamiji’, as he was addressed by his disciples, then asked Sevavratiji as well as both of us, Shreyanand Sadhu and me to sit down.

We all sat in Siddhasana1.  Sevavratiji sat in the middle. We all had a space of around one foot between each other as we sat facing Shri Swamiji, beside who sat Shri Dharmchandra Deo ji, the future successor of Shri Swamiji.

While looking directly at Sevavratiji, Shri Swamiji said, “You don’t belong to this world. Your illuminated world of the nectar of immortality - Amritadesh is elsewhere. This is an alien world; this is a mortal land. You have to reach your eternal friend who resides at a place beyond any suffering.”

A Pilgrim’s Progress

Swamiji proceeded to sing a bhajan2“Sadguru Hai Rangarej, Chunari Mori Rang Daari….” In the very second stanza of the bhajan, I saw that Sevavratiji had stopped breathing. His hands and legs grew unexpectedly rigid. The mouth and lips also grew contorted, as if he was paralyzed. Swamiji asked me, “Pandit! See if his veins are pulsating; how about the heart beats?” I checked his veins; they were lifeless. His heart had also stopped beating. The eyeballs had turned contorted.

I pleaded to Shri Swamiji, “O Lord! Not only are his veins and heartbeats lifeless, his face has also turned ugly. It is as if the whole body has grown malignantly rigid. Will everything be all right or not?” Shri Dharmchandra Deo ji and Shri Swamiji smiled together.

An hour later, Shri Swamiji looked at Sevavratiji, and said, “It has already been an hour. It is also time for my Seva3a. How long will you remain in this posture? Get Up now! Open your eyes!” Instantly Sevavratiji’s body started to regain its flexibility. The tightly contorted face began to relax. The contorted eyebrows too returned to normalcy. Sevavratiji opened his eyes!
His consciousness was now flowing towards the outer world again. He got up cautiously and laid himself prostrate before Shri Swamiji in reverence. Shri Dharmchandra Deo ji and ‘Baba’ and returned to their seats. Shri Swamiji asked him to explain where he had been, how he had reached there and what had happened along the way.

Experiencing the Yogic Chakras

Sevavratiji started to narrate his experiences – “Swamiji! As soon as you said that this is not your own land, it is an alien place; you have to travel to your own land and started singing the Bhajan, I experienced a tremendous change within me. At the very outset, my breath got drawn above the Mooladhar Chakra3b. I felt as if somebody has pulled my breath out forcefully. I was losing sense of my physical being. I explicitly experienced a peculiar kind of vibration in the Mooladhar, Manipoorak and Swadhisthan Chakras4. I could also see different kinds of lights in these centers.

Very soon I realized that my heart is also vibrating at a subtle frequency5 and I could hear it whir with a ‘Gar-Gar’ kind of sound. A few moments later, a dense light spread all around my heart. There I came to know – “This light itself is the true self – the soul”. This light is the very reason of motion in all veins, heartbeat and deeds of Prana6, performed by the body. This is the light that causes the body to act and to move.

Then, my consciousness reached at the Chakra situated in the throat. A little light with a gentle vibration appeared here. I realized in the stream of this light that the Yogi wins over his hunger and thirst once he concentrates at this light.

Achievement of each of these Chakras overwhelmed me in each its own way. Next, I reached at the Ajya Chakra7. It was an overwhelming experience to see the full-moon-shaped light of ‘Om’ and the visible manifestation of ‘Om’ there.

Millions of Fire Points later, I become Infinity

Next, while listening to various Shabdas8 in the mid-brain region, I reached attained the place of ‘Raram’9. I could hear the sound of ‘Raram’ very clearly. I also heard the chimes of temple-bells there. The divine light was very soothing. Many sages and divine souls appeared there in illuminated forms.

Having bathed in this light, I felt myself free from all sins. At that precise instant, I felt a form of energy dazzling like lightning; reach the remotest bank of the brain, while passing through the backbone with a peculiar sound. I felt as if millions of fire points had been lit within me. I experienced an escape from there and discovered myself able to travel around infinite space.

Endowed with this ability, I could now see a very delicate, white lotus, face downwards. There was a very subtle thread, similar to the one found within a lotus. I heard you, Shri Swamiji, say there, “Move upwards10 by holding on to this shining thread, which is connected to your heart.”

I found it extremely difficult to ascend by holding on to that thread. Praying to you I caught hold of that thread. I was then propelled to a vast space full of light, pulsating at a very subtle frequency. I could fully comprehend the infiniteness of that immense light!

My finite consciousness or the whole conscious being was converting itself into infinity after emerging from the gross, physical body. It was as if I was spreading infinitely in the universe. My limited sense of vision was also spreading infinitely.

Within the infinite, I could also fully perceive infinity. It was as if my consciousness had become multi-dimensional by the perception of infinity. The remotest of the points in the Universe and the infinite distances between them were now part of me.

The Universe is my Creation - I am God!

Next, I found myself floating in infinite happiness. I found myself surrounded by an everlasting bliss. I saw the whole universe being created there, right from scratch. I also saw the minutest particles as well as the whole universe vibrating because of the subtle vibrations in that immense, lighted entity.

I saw many divine lokas - complete universes, suns, moons, etc. being created within moments because of the vibration in that lighted entity. Creation and destruction were routine activities in that vast, homogeneous light. Maintenance, mishaps as well as the complete destruction of the whole universe were also under the purview of this lighted entity. I had also surrounded myself with the same infinity, or in other words, that infinity had descended on my being.

I could hear the ‘Aakar’ sound of Shabda Brahma in various ways. Thereupon, this sound started to vibrate in the whole universe as well as in each and every particle within it. I can hear that sound even now.

Having had such experiences and possessing the Brahma Energy, I perceived all these sights as well as the whole universe to be my very own creation. I am the very reason of all these happenings. I am the very reason of the creation, nourishment and destruction of the whole universe. Only I am the Brahma Power and I myself am Brahma!

The feeling of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ now emanated within me. I am Brahma - the one who creates, rules and destroys the universe. At that very moment, you Shri Swamiji, appeared there and warned me – “You are not Brahma! Can you see a subtle opening in this space? Go inside it in the form of your Surati10. You will come to know about the ultimate truth – Parabrahma11 – yourself, once you reach there.”

I tried my best to take my Surati inside that very subtle opening but could not succeed. Then I took refuge in your grace, Shri Swamiji, and tried once again. This time I gained entry. You appeared there for a moment and then disappeared.

Parabrahma – God, the Supreme Entity

I had reached another vastly illuminated space where there was no vibration whatsoever. This vastly lighted entity was quiet, cool and motion-free. This Great Light itself was nothing but absolute bliss in itself. I was getting merged into that great bliss as if I myself was turning into this blissful entity.

I enjoyed the most sought after spiritual experience – salvation and devotion at the same time. I could experience that this lighted space itself is ‘Raso wai sah’12. Right then, Shri Swamiji, I heard you say – “This is ‘Teen Pada Amrita’13; this is Bhuma; this is the Supreme Being; this is infinity, the absolute bliss, beyond any thought and is the absolute truth. This is beyond satya – the truth and asatya - untruth.

This is the one who should be attained at all costs. Therefore, a yogi should try his best to seek it. This is the vastest of all entities. This is the entity that is the very reason for the vibration or motion in the invisible indifferent ‘Aa’ Akshar for all creation, maintenance and destruction of the universes. But in itself it is motionless; it does not have a single vibration.

The soul gets released from the vicious cycle of birth and death only after reaching here. Enjoy this infinite and absolute bliss to your fullest. This is your own land. Only this Supreme Being is your eternal friend.”

I was enjoying that infinite, absolute bliss when I heard you instruct me to come down. I am not sure what power you used to bring me back into my gross, physical body. Sevavratiji started to go inwards again when Swamiji scolded him and he returned to the outside world.

The Undeserving Plea

Shreyanand Sadhu who had been sitting there all this while, started crying and pleaded to Shri Swamiji – “You did not bestow anything on me”. Shri Swamiji admonished him – “Do you possess the Seva Bhava15? You cannot expect to be bestowed anything if you don’t have an inclination to serve the Sadguru. First you get rid of your suspicions and convert yourself into an ideal disciple. Sadguru bestows everything only to those who have gone beyond the call of duty towards Seva. So, first become an ideal disciple.

Now I could understand why Sadguru Shri Swamiji had been so gruff towards Sevavratiji for months before reaching Vritikut Ashram, where we now sat.

Key Words Explained:

1.       A posture of meditation
2.       A spiritual song
3.       a. Service    
b. The Yogic Chakra, a nerve-center situated around the perineum in the human body
4.       Other Yogic Chakras
5.       Not to be confused with Heart Beats which are common to all living humans
6.       Life Force pervading throughout the body. Upon its escape the body turns lifeless
7.       Yogic Chakra situated in the middle of the forehead, just above the middle of the eyebrows. Also referred to as ‘The Third Eye’
8.        Divine Words and Sounds
9.       A Divine Sound
10.    a. using your consciousness    
b. Flow of Consciousness
11.    God, the Supreme Entity
12.    He who is full of joyousness
13.    Three fourth nectar
14.    Another name for the supreme soul, as has been described in the Vedas
15.    Readiness to serve the Sadguru

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