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One Year With Swami ji

One Year With Swami ji

            The first week of the year 1944 Bhadrapad Krushna Paksh was a very blessed week for me. In this week only Anant Sri Sadguru Sadafaldevji Maharaj had arrived in my village i.e. Gram-Badka Khet. On that day only I got the benefit of taking his blessings in the hut that was built for him. At that time many people were bowing in his feet. I also bowed to his sacred feet  with faith. And I stayed in that position with tears in my eyes for a long time. I had at last got someone who was everything for me. After about 10 minutes one of the follower of Swamiji awakened me. Then after getting up  I again  touched Swamiji’s feet and singing the vandana “ Pratham Vando Guru Charan, Jin Agam Gamya Lakhaiya”  I sat down. Swamiji asked for my name and introduction. I told him my name and everything about  me. Then I told Swamiji that my mother has been ill since last 3 months.I think her life has come to an end. Saying this I started crying. After sometime Swamiji told me  “ on coming Wednesday my mother’s life journey would come to an end. But there is nothing to worry about.” After hearing this I started crying again  and requested Swamiji “ my lord whether really I will get separated for ever from the one who loved me the most and cared for me the most, my mother?”  Then Swamiji said –“The one who has come in this world, will be taken away by the god of death. This is the truth and rule of nature. One day everyone will be touched by the death. After completing all the rituals like shraadh and all come to me in Vrittikut Ashram. Everything will be alright.”
            The most devine Swamiji stayed in my village for next 2 days. The moment I would get time from serving my mother I would go to Swamiji, fall to his feet and start crying. Then Swamiji would console me.
            On the third day after convincing me, Swamiji left for Vrittikut Ashram. I took his sacred feet water and with lot of sorrow gave him send off.
            I would regularly give the sacred feet’s water of Swamiji to my mother and she would accept it and drink it with lot of faith and then she would cry and then me too.
            Finally the day  i.e. Wednesday came when I would  be separated  from my most kind and caring mother. From morning only I started distributing food to Brahmins after my mothers touch. Cow donation was also done as per the rituals and her wish. In the evening at around 6.00 pm she asked for Swamiji’s sacred feet water. I gave it to her with lot of sorrow and started crying. Just then in one  moment with one hichup she disappeared from the stage of this world forever. The prediction of Swamiji came to be true. Remembering her care and kindness that she gave me throughout her life , my each and every atom started crying. But knowing the truth of this world, with lot of courage I completed all the rituals like shraadh. All the rituals of shraadh were completed by my father only.
            After completing the shraadh after 3 or 4 days I got the letter from one of the other follower written by The worshipped Acharya Shri Pratham. It read “You must have completed your mothers shraadh ritual and must be free from your mother’s returns. Swamiji will be there in ashram for about one and half week. Come and meet him and take his blessings.”
            Without telling my father I left for Vrittikut ashram. After halting at my mother’s brother’s house in Anjorpur, I left for Vrittikut ashram. At around 2.00 pm I entered the premises of Vrittikut ashram. For the first time I met Shri Yoganandji. He went into the cave and informed Swamiji about my arrival. Swamiji immediately called me into the cave. I bowed in his feets. After that Swamiji sent me and Shri Yoganandji to have our food. I had food sitting besides the most worshipped Shri Baba Skambh Muni (Swamiji’s father). Then I went to sleep in the room which was in the garden of amla. In the evening Shri Yoganandji came to call me as told by Swamiji. At that time Swamiji was sitting on a resting chair under the mango tree. There were two more followers from the village. We did the evening prayer. All the devotees, who had come, went back to their village. After having dinner in the night, we served Swamiji by pressing his legs in the cave and then went to sleep in our room. The next day after completing my bath I went to Swamiji who was sitting on his sitting platform  ( brahma vedi) and bowed in front of him by lying completely on the ground and then sat down on the carpet. At that moment Shri Suryanarayan Sinh from Salempur and Shri Babu Baldev Sinh ( The teacher) from Sarayan came. They bowed to Swamiji by lying down on the ground and then requested him to come to their house as they had arranged for his sacred speech. Kindly give the benefit of listening to his sacred speech (amrutwani) to the villagers as well as them. Swamiji accepted their request. The both followers were Swamiji’s totally devoted followers. The worshipped Acharya Pratham, started preparing for the food for the two followers and Swamiji was busy in the morning discussion.
            In the afternoon after having my lunch I went in my room to have some rest. The two followers ,after having talks with Swamiji in the cave, came to my room only for rest. With discussions not only did we come to know about each other but also became well aware of each other. Then they told me that Swamiji had told them about me in short. They knew my father very well. They knew that my father was very good in treating the fractured bones of animals like cow etc.
            Then at 3.00pm Swamiji called us through Shri Yoganandji.The worshipped Acharya Pratham was also called. We all started for our journey to Salempur with Swamiji. Before the sunset we reached Salempur. Our staying arrangement was done in the drawing hall in Babu Suryanarayan Sinh’s house. All the family members of Shri Sinh and the villagers came for the blessings of Swamiji. Swamiji’s sacred feet’s water was taken and distributed among everyone there. Shri Sinh got the sacred water sprinkled all around his house. Villagers started moving to a pre-decided and informed place. There was lot of joy in everyone.
            The preparations for Swamiji’s devine lecture was done outside the village at a place. For Swamiji a cot was used on which he could sit and deliver his devine lecture. For Acharya Shri Pratham a chair was placed where he could sit. We and all the other villagers sat on the carpet which was laid on the ground. I was sitting near the chair of Acharya Shri Pratham. Swamiji indicated Shri Suryanarayan Sinh for something. In the beginning Shri Suryanarayan Sinh asked me to speak something about ‘Guru-Bhakti’. I was surprised and started staring at Swamiji. My legs were shivering and my voice was not coming out of my mouth. I had never delivered any kind of spiritual lectures before and how much knowledge did I have about spirituality. Acharya Shri Pratham, after realizing my condition encouraged me by saying that everyone here are all our people only. Whatever you remember say it and say it without fear.
            Remembering my Sadguru I gathered all my courage. I sang the mangal shlok from mangal-chand from the book vandana written by Swamiji which was as follows:
            “ Pratham vando Guru charan, Jin ahamya gamya lakhaiya” and by saying
            “Guru-bhakti Atal Aman Dharmani, yahi saris duja nahin” I started my lecture after telling the meaning of the above said lines and defining them ,I started scraching my memory for more knowledge when I remembered the story of Upamanyu and Arunnik where the Guru-Bhakti has been well explained. Somehow after telling that story I took my lecture to an end. Scared and with fear I looked at Acharya Pratham and Swamiji whome I found smiling at me. Before sitting back I still felt some shivering in my legs.
            After me Acharya Shri gave a very heart touching, full of meaning lecture on karm, vikarm and akarm. All the people loved it very much. Why wont they love? He had explained them their life full of karma and the pain they would face and how can they save themselves from it and what is the path.
            In the end Swamiji combined the Yog, Bhakti and Upasana as one element and won everyone’s heart by defining it in very simple words. After delivering the devine lecture Swamiji sang the hymn
            “Sadguru hai rangrez, chunari mori rang dari”.
The hymn was still incomplete when many women, men  and children started experiencing shivers (kampan). The processes and games of yoga, like sushman-pravah , laughing and crying had started. Seeing this Swamiji stopped singing the hymn as if he gathered all his energy back. Then all these yoga-lila started coming to stop.
But some of the good cultured souls were still in the enjoyment. For me, all this was miraculous, surprising and devine experience. I saw that many people were carrying their children in their arms, but none seemed to be scared but found it to be very lucky and blessed. Seeing all this, I thanked the supreme lord for finally giving me the blessings and shelter of the complete Sadguru. I prayed to the supreme lord not to separate me ever from the shelter and feets of my Sadguru.
            After having blessed to see the devine and miraculous games of yoga lila and Swamiji’s amrutwani we came back to Shri Suryanarayan Sinh’s house.After having dinner I experienced a dream This dream awakened me with joy. That was a true dream with the true appearance of Swamiji and me applying the oil to Swamiji’s lower portion of the feets and having the feeling of joy.
            Then in the morning at 3.00 am Swamiji order us that we should leave for ashram. All of us got ready and left for ashram. All the family members of Shri Suryanaraya Sinh started falling to the feets of Swamiji with tears in their eyes. Babu Baldev Sinh came with us to leave us upto ashram. By the time we reached ashram it was morning time and could hear the singing of the birds in the ashram. A group of Chatak(gauraiya), a type of bird, would come and sit on the shoulders and head of Baba Skambh Muni and fly away. Baba would fly them away like one flies away the house fly when they gather around us. What else could be the proof of  worshipped Baba as a complete anti-harm person( ahimsa )? Sometimes these birds would even sit on his thies and Baba’s humorous nature would make them sit for longer time without fear. The birds had as if mixed up and got used to Baba and Baba seemed to be saving all his love and care for the birds only. At that time Saint Yoganandji had taken the responsibility of caring for Baba, and Baba was also very happy with him.
            After leaving us in Ashram Babu Baldev went back. Swamiji after completing his morning activities went back into the cave. I took the breakfast of moist grams( chana ) and sat under a mango tree and got confused between different thoughts in my mind. Suddenly my confused state was broken when Shri Swamiji called me in the cave through Shri Yoganandji. After I reached there, Swamiji told me that we have to leave ashram tomorrow at 3.00am, then only we will be able to get the train from Chilkahar station for Saremanpur. We were suppose to go to one of the followers of Swamiji, Shri Ramashankar Mishra  in Kishunpura. From there we had to go to one of the completely devoted follower of Swamiji, Sarojini Devi in Chapra.
            In the morning at 3.00 am I and Shri Swamiji reached the Chilkahar station on time. I took the ticket for Suremanpur.Train had arrived on time. We had boarded the train only then a T.T came and touched Swamiji’s feet and accompanied us  upto Suremanpur. After coming out of the station I called a horse cart and after deciding upon the charges I asked Swamiji to sit  and then I also sat in the cart. After few hours out horse cart reached near the house of Shri Ramashankar Mishra. Shri Ramashankar Mishra had seen us coming standing  out of his house. Without worrying about the thorns and stones he came running and bowed to Swamiji by lying down completely on the ground. Swamiji whispered to me that he is a completely devoted follower (Param bhakth) and his family is also fully devoted. After getting down from the cart Swamiji himself lifted Shri Ramashankar Mishra from the ground. Shri Ramashankar Mishra after getting again bowed to Swamiji in his feets. Shri Ramashankar Mishra after getting up took us in his house with respect and honour. Again went outside and payed the charges to the cart man and came back running. Untill then his wife Smt. Yamuna Devi had bought a big plate and washed Swamiji’s feet and had been wiping with her cloth and Shri Ramashankar Mishra also started wiping the other feet with his cloth. Every member of the family had the sacred feet water of Swamiji. Shri Ramashankar Mishra started taking care of Swamiji’s bath and his wife went into the kitchen to take care of the food. After some time Smt. Yamuna Devi came with a plate of food for Swamiji. I sat down and Swamiji sat on his chowki (a small sitting platform ) and started having his food.  In the end the remainings in the plate was distributed to every member in the family as Jhuthanamrut ( the remains of the food of Swamiji considered to be very sacred ). I also consumed the Prasad and felt very blessed to have got the chance of having it. After having food Shri Ramashankar Mishra came and started massaging ( pressing )Swamiji’s legs. His wife and daughter started blowing air with hand fan. I saw the pure and clean faith there. After sunset Shri Ramashankar Mishra and his family did prayers in front of Swamiji, did arti and touched to his heart-forehead. In this kind of devoted and faithfull service we didn’t realize how 3 days had passed away as if Diwakar (sun) had not set at all.
            On the fourth day Swamiji told me to inform Shri Ramashankar Mishra that we will be leaving his house in an hour ( Without himself telling them Swamiji asked me tell them because he was worried that the devotees would feel sad and everyone would be sad to know about our departure). When Shri Ramashankar Mishra came to know about it the family as if started drowning in the sea of sorrow. Everyone started requesting Swamiji to stay for some more time. After consoling everyone Swamiji told everyone that I had already informed Sarojini Devi by letter that I would be coming today itself. If I don’t go then she will get worried and feel sad. Whenever you all want me to come back again I will come. God is always under the control of his devotees. Its getting late, we should hurry fast now. If we don’t reach on time then we will miss the train. Then also the sorrowful family delayed us in our departure. All the procedure starting from washing Swamiji’s feets to vandana and aarti was done. A horse cart man from that village only came outside the house. We sat in the cart. Along with Pandit Ramashankar Mishra also sat.
            By the time we had reached the Suremanpur railway station it was very late.We were depressed regarding the train. When Shri Ramashankar Mishra went to take the ticket at the ticket counter the officer told him not to worry because the train is one and half hour late.You will get the train very easily. And when Shri Ramashankar Mishra returned with the ticket and informed Swamiji about the delayed train Swamiji smiled at him and asked him “ What if the train was not late?” Then Shri Ramashankar Mishra said “God has to make the rules as per your convenience only”. Hearing this Swamiji smiled at him.
            Within sometime the train arrived at the platform and then we boarded the train. At that moment  Shri Ramashankar Mishra was standing there in tears and gave us sendoff in tears. The train started moving. After some time we reached Chapra station. Hired a rikshaw. After sometime the rikshaw halted in front of Sarojini Devi’s house. Swamiji gave the rikshaw man charges for traveling. I went inside the house and saw that a confused lady was standing on the first floor and was ordering something to her servant. Untill then Swamiji also arrived inside the house. I thought, that lady must be Sarojini Devi cause after seeing us standing down she came down hurrily along with her servant. She laid down on the ground and bowed to Swamiji and after getting up told Swamiji “ My lord I got your letter yesterday only.” I was waiting for your arrival with lot of eager. After telling her servant to take our luggage she took us to a room which was filled with Swamiji’s different photos in different poses and was filled with sweet from the burning of the essence  sticks. Swamiji sat on a chowki on which a very costly white coloured carpet ( Kaleen ) was placed. Then Sarojin Devi and her daughter who may not have been more than eight-ten years, started washing Swamiji’s feets in a plate ( rajat-thal). Untill then the servant had already placed water in the bathroom for Swamiji. Then he returned and requested Swamiji to take bath. The mother and daughter took the sacred water of Swamiji’s feet and sprinkled it in all their rooms. Untill then Swamiji also completed his bath and came and sat on his chowki. Fruits had been arranged before only for him. I was also given dried mewa. Swamiji had fruits with lot of appreciation. The remaining fruits were distributed among everyone as mahaprasad. After that mother and daughter went into the kitchen. I started serving Swamiji by pressing his legs. After sometime the servant came and requested Swamiji have his food as it was ready. Swamiji got up and sat. The servant shifted the bedsheet on the chowki a bit and placed a cloth
( Kaleen ) there. Soon the mother and daughter came back with food and placed it in front of Swamiji. Swamiji started having food and me too started having food sitting down  at a place. After Swamiji’s food, the remaining food in his plate was distributed among every one as it is sacred food, in the form of Mahaprasad. Then both the mother and daughter went into the kitchen to have their food. Then I again started serving Swamiji by pressing his legs.
            When Swamiji got up it was evening. Both mother and daughter came back to draw down the aarti of Swamiji. After completing the prayers of vandana and aarti we all bowed to Swamiji by lying down on the ground. Then both of them went back. Then in the night when we had our dinner and Swamiji had laid down on the bed, the daughter of Sarojini Devi came and seeing Swamiji sleeping she covered him with a bedsheet made of khadi.
            The next day also when that little girl came to cover Swamiji with the bedsheet, Swamiji asked her “Why do you cover me with the bedsheet? Can’t I cover myself when I feel the need?” On this the girl replied to Swamiji “ When you would sleep at night in the cave of Vrittikut ashram, I would come and cover you with bedsheet and sometimes even  apply the oil of sarso to the lover portion of your feets and massage them. You have forgot all this so soon? Try to remember properly (All this the girl spoke in complete bhojpuri language ).After saying all this, the daughter of Sarojini Devi, went back. At that time she was only about eight to ten years of age.
            After the girl went away I asked Swmaiji “ My lord! Since last two days the girl comes and covers you with bedsheet and today after you asked her why she did like this and the way she answered you has surprised me. Reminding you about the past is much more surprising and amazing for me. Kindly put light on it and explain me.”
            Got up and sat and then became serious and told me some of the truth of her past life. The secret was reveled and my eyes filled with water and I became very emotional at that moment. I had been thinking about the incident throughout the night and I didn’t realize when I slept. In the morning when Swamiji asked me water to drink I got up in hurry and got the water from the bronze plot and poured it in a glass and gave him. Then I again  became very emotional. On the fourth day Swamiji told us that we should leave for Vrittikut ashram. One devotee is going to come. If he doesn’t find me there he will feel very sad. The small girl was sitting there only. She said in sorrowful voice “ After your living how much sad I will get, you don’t even think about it? Swamiji became very serious. Then the girl again said “You have to do a lot of work in this world. You go, but you shouldn’t forget me and never forget to come back early.”( All these words were said in bhojpuri language only by the girl). As far as I remember, Swamiji had cancelled his departure to Vrittikut ashram, upon which both the mother and daughter were enjoying there internal happiness. Everything seemed to be amazing for me. I was wondering Swamiji is so detached from the world but still so close to his devotees. The next day Sarojini Devi handed us lot of sweets and eatables for the children in ashram. When Swamiji became very serious and quite and boarded the rikshaw, the environment was very sorrowful. Both the mother and daughter were crying. I climbed the rikshaw with the luggage. No sooner had the rikshaw reached the station we heard the bell of train’s arrival. I unloaded the luggage from the rikshaw and went to the ticket counter and took the ticket for the station Chilkahar. No sooner had we reached the platform, the train arrived on the platform. We boarded the train. Initially slowly but later with higher speeds, the train started leaving the stations, without any attachment. When we reached the Chilkahar station the sun god was on the west side playing hide and seek in the clouds. After getting down from the train we started moving towards Vrittikut ashram slowly. The ashram was 6 miles
 (3 kos) away from the station. When we reached the ashram it was evening time. I bowed to Baba first and then to other respectables in the ashram. The happy children of Swamiji, Ravindra devji and Yogindra devji, came and sat on the thies of their father ( Swamiji ), who was now sitting in the resting chair.
            After completing ushapan ( the process of drinking water in the early morning after getting up from sleep is called as ushapan ) and morning activities when Swamiji was sitting on his brahma vedi ( the sitting platform on which Swamiji sat ) and doing his regular activities, a person came all the way from a place named Bellur in Havda.  He was asking Shri Yoganandji about the whereabouts of Swamiji. Shri Yoganandji, indicated towards Swamiji who was busy doing his Mudra-Bandh etc. ( exercises of yogasana ). Then Swamiji whispered to me slowly “ He is the same devotee I  was talking about at Sarojini Devi’s house, who was suppose to come to this ashram.
            On being indicated by Shri Yoganandji the devotee ran towards Swamiji saying “Pahi Mam” and bowed to Swamiji lying down completely on the ground ( which is known as bhumisat pranam ). After offering the money that he had, he again started to bow by lying on the ground, when Swamiji said “ Ramrajsinh ji ! Now you sit down. Is everything fine?” Ramrajsinh, on hearing his name from Swamiji’s mouth, was surprised and became  very emotional. Again when Swamiji said “ You have come from Bellur, Was there much rush in the train? You must be very tired. Have your bath and breakfast and take some rest. On hearing his name and his place from where he was coming, he was surprised and became emotional with tears in his eyes and he said “My lord ! you know everything. Then why do u ask me ?” After saying this he again bowed down by lying on the ground.
            Ramrajsinh’s complete body had become white( some kind of disease which causes the brown color of the body loose its color and turns to white ).Even the palms of the hands were affected. When Ramrajsinh was having his bath Swamiji asked Shri Yoganandji to call Ramrajsinh. Ramrajsinh, immediately wrapped himself in a cloth and came and stood there with complete surrenderence. Swamiji stared at Ramrajsinh for sometime and asked Shri Yoganandji to get breakfast for Ramrajsinh. After having breakfast Ramrajsinh took a broom and started cleaning the ashram. Along with that he also took the responsibility of serving Swamiji. For the next two days Ramrajsinh took care of ashram’s cleaning and also served Swamiji with complete devotion and faith.
On the third day, Ramrajsinh, in the early morning, came and stood in front of Swamiji. Swamiji understood his reason of coming and said to him “ So, you are planning to leave!” Ramrajsinh, said “Yes, my lord. If you permit me, I will go back to Bellur because I have to join my job. My boss Doctor had given me only four to five days leave only” Ramrajsinh was working as a driver of a ambassador car of a Bengali doctor. When Swamiji gave him the permission he started to leave. Then Swamiji asked him “ You don’t have the money for the fare. Then how will you go? Ramrajsinh didn’t say anything. Swamiji asked him again and again “To reach Bellur safely and comfortably, how much fare will you require ?”. As per Ramrajsinh’s suggestion some amount of money was given by Acharya Shri Pratham. Then Ramrajsinh requested Swamiji to come to his place. Swamiji also accepted it. Ramrajsinh bowed to Swamiji by lying down on the ground and then left for his job with joy. After reaching there he sent back three times the money that he was given as traveling fare by money order. After about one week Swamiji received the money. Before this Swamiji had also received his letter also. In that he had especially requested Swamiji to come to Bellur and give blessings.
            After resting for two to three days Swamiji told me that we have to go to Jamshedpur. e have to reach Patna on time or else we will miss the train. The next morning only we left for Chilkahar station, and I took the ticket for Fefna. Train came on time and we soon reached Fefna station. From Fefna we reached Ujiyar by bus and then onwards we crossed the Ganga river by boat and reached Buxar railwaystation by rikshaw. Untill then the announcement was made for the Delhi Express train.  I took the ticket for Patna in the second class and come and sat on the platform where Swamiji had already been waiting. Delhi express arrived 10 minutes before time. We boarded the second class compartment ( During those times the seats were well cushioned in second class compartments). When train left the Buxar station it was 2.30 pm. After two and half hours i.e at 5 pm we reached Patna station. The train that was suppose to leave for Tata from Patna was scheduled after around 3 hours. So we spread the blanket on the  benches ment for passengers to sit on platform and sat there. As ordered by Swamiji I went outside the platform and bought some fruits for breakfast. Swamiji had little but gave most of the remaining to me. Where do we get such a good chance of having Mahaprasad as I got? After having Mahaprasad I washed my hands. One hour before the trains arrival I went to the ticket counter and purchased two tickets of second class compartment for Jamshedpur (Tata) and came and sat near Swamiji. After some time when the train arrived we boarded the second class compartment and rested in our seats. There wasn’t much rush in the train. I spread the blanket on the complete seat for Swamiji. Swamiji slept on it and I started serving him by pressing his legs by hands. After sometime the train started and moved with speed. Then in the morning around 5 or 5:30 am when the train reached Jamshedpur station, I saw 4 to 5 people waiting in front of our compartment with flowers and garlands. I understood that they had come to welcome Swamiji. I immediately folded the blanket and took our luggage. When Swamiji came out of the train they welcomed him by offering the garland and flowers and bowing him by lying down on the ground ( Sashtang pranam) and took us to a ambassador car outside the railway station. We sat in the car. Along with us Rampati Sharma and also Rajpati Sharma sat in the same car. They were both sahodar brothers. The car stopped in front of their house. After getting down from the car we entered in a very clean room which was filled with fragrance of the burning esssence sticks. There were many photos of Swamiji in different poses hanged on the walls of the room. Swamiji’s feets were watered and aarti was drawn. Everyone consumed the sacred feet’s water of Swamiji and took the aarti also. Then Swamiji had his bath. After him I also had my bath and came and sat down on the mat placed near Swamiji. After offering us the breakfast, both the brothers informed Swamiji that they would apply the attendance in the factory and would come back as early as possible in Swamiji’s service. Untill then they asked us to rest. If possible one of us if got the opportunity to take leave for 3 to 4 days will take and stay in the service.
            When both the brothers returned from the factory they were very happy. They told Swamiji that both of their  leave for 4 days was sanctioned. It was 1.00 pm. So they both went to take care of our lunch. We had our lunch and then asked them to have their lunch also. Untill now all the devotees who were in the surrounding area had come and gathered in the other room to seek blessings from Swamiji. One by one everyone came and took blessings from Swamiji. When everyone had taken blessings and had left, we had the time to rest now. At 4.00 pm when we got up, there was an ambassador car waiting for us outside the house, which was arranged for our traveling around the city. We got ready fast and came and sat in the car to see the city. Both the brothers first of stopped the car in front of the Khadi clothes shop. They went inside the shop with Swamiji and took a blanket made of very good material for Swamiji. Then they purchased Dhoti (2 nos.) made of cotton yarn of number 80, two thin cotton towels (gamacha) and  a cloth for two Kurta’s ( all these clothes were made of khadi). Then they also got one white colored blanket, which Swamiji himself had selected. Then all the clothes were placed in the car. Then the car was stopped at a place where there was no water on the banks of the river Swarna Rekha. There were many rocks on the banks of the river. Swamiji expressed his wish to perform his yogasanas bandhs in that place only. I immediately went to the car and got the blanket which was bought recently from the shop and spread it on a plain rock. After Swamiji completed his exercises we all came together and sat in the  car. Sharma brothers again took the car to that same shop and got one more white blanket for Swamiji. On asking why they bought one more blanket, they told that if Swamiji would spread one blanket then he could cover himself with the other blanket. Then we reached Sharma brother’s home. At that time it was 8.00pm in the night. We all said prayers to Swamiji and took his aarti. After sometime after having my dinner I went to my place to sleep. They had made arrangements for me in a separate room. Next day Swamiji called me and told me to bring 1 glass of cold water and then asked the younger brother of Sharma brothers to come with him to the banks of the river. He arranged a rikshaw for us and himself came on the cycle. He was riding cycle ahead of our rikshaw. When we reached the place where Swamiji had performed his exercises on the first day, I went and spread the blanket on the rock where he had performed his exercise. Swamiji after completing his nature’s call, started doing his exercise of yogasanas and bandhs. Younger brother of Sharma was sitting on the rock nearby only. Suddenly he started crying loudly and closed his eyes. Swamiji asked him to open his eyes and asked him the reason for crying. The younger Sharma brother told “ From your eyes two rays of light came and reached my Angya charka and became one. At that time only, the place where ladies apply bindiya or kumkum on there forehead, there inside, a light happened. There I saw AUM and along with that I heard AUM also. I didn’t cry purposely. It happened automatically. It was a very joyful scene for me.”. I saw Swamiji smiling. Swamiji gave him third koti (stage) upadesh (explained technique of meditation of vihangam yoga ) to him and asked him to get up early in the morning at 3.00 am and practice that technique of meditation then onwards. Then the younger Sharma brother laid down on Swamiji’s feets and could not control his tears and cried. Then Swamiji went into the river for taking bath ( kati or pedu snan ) and came out of the river after about 30 minutes. After that we by rikshaw and the younger Sharma brother by cycle, reached our place. In the form of breakfast Swamiji had fruits and milk. I also had my breakfast. Today both the brothers seemed to be very sad. This couldn’t be hidden from Swamiji. Devotees are sad, and the Lord doesn’t know how can it happen ? Swamiji asked about the reason for being  sad. Then the brothers with sorrow said “Swamiji! Few months back our younger brother suffered from some illness and died without giving chance to treat him also. We know that anybody who has taken birth in this world has to die one day. We will also die one day. Then also we are unable to forget his death and detach ourselves from the pain of his death. Then Swamiji put some light on the truth of the nature and life  and death. Then asked them “What do you wish now and How will your sorrow be reduced ? tell me.” Then one of the brothers with tears in eyes said “ Swamiji ! We wish to know where has he taken the birth and how is he? Then Swamiji after breaking his silence and seriousness said
“ After knowing all this will your pain and sorrow be reduced ?” They said “ Where ever he has taken birth, we will go there and meet him and see him. This will give us much peace and satisfaction.” Then Swamiji said “In the evening when there would little darkness meet me in the open area outside your quarter. There shouldn’t be anyone except you two brothers.”
            In the evening when the nature had spread a light darkness, the two brothers placed a chair for
Swamiji in the open area in front of their quarter. Swamiji arrived and sat on that chair. Except the Sharma brothers all the other family members were out of the house. Not only this, Swamiji had not even allowed me to come with them. After about 15 minutes Swamiji broke his silence and asked the two brothers to look in the sky at a few distance ( I could hear his voice in my room very clearly ). The brothers saw that the wooden stretcher that they had made to carry their brothers dead body when he died (aarthi ) and the cloth that they had used to cover him when they carried their brothers dead body to cremation area, the  same scene was visible in the sky. Both the brothers being sad and sorrow were watching it for about 5 minutes and were crying. Suddenly Swamiji got up from his chair and the complete scene disappeared from the sky. Along with Swamiji both the brothers went into the rest room. It was appearing as if the pain of their brothers separation had become fresh again. Then both the brothers asked Swamiji “ My lord what should we understand from the scene you showed us recently?” Then Swamiji answered them “That soul is in the minute body (sukshma sharer) and is still and stationary in the space. It is not in the state of MURCHANA. It is not at all unhappy in the state of consciousness. After some days that soul will take birth in a new body. Now you people should not feel sad or sorrow. Both the brothers being very pleased and happy with Swamiji laid in his feet and bowed to him. In two days stay at their house we found that the two brothers had forgot their pain and sorrow and were doing Swamiji’s prayers and praising him with devotion. The great and divine Swamiji had taken them away from the sorrow of their younger brothers death. On the 5th day when Swamiji informed them of his leaving for Vrittikut ashram, both the brothers were as if shattered. Then didn’t request Swamiji to stay longer as they knew Swamiji’s firm and unchanging thoughts and decisions.
            During the day only, the Sharma brothers arranged for 1st class ticket in the Tata-Patna train. The departure time for Patna of that train ,during those days, was around 6.00pm and few minutes. We reached the station 30 minutes before time. The train had already reached the platform number 1. Along with Sharma brothers, other devotees had also, as if ,covered Swamiji with flowers and garlands. The train left the station on time. Everyone gave Swamiji a send off with tears in their eyes.
            When we reached Patna in the morning, it was before the sunrise. After getting down from the train we reached the ship yard by rikshaw. Then by crossing the river with a ship we reached Sonpur Junction by a vehicle. The train going towards WEST was scheduled to arrive after 4 hours. At around 10.00 am Swamiji had his breakfast and I had the breakfast that Sharma brothers had packed and rested. That moment it was announced that the train will be coming 1 hour late. Then Swamiji asked me to get tickets for Fefna. When I reached back, the announcement bell was given about the trains arrival. When the train had reached the platform we had to face the heavy crowd of passengers getting inside the train. If we didn’t had the second class ticket, it would have been impossible to board the train. After having the coal and water the train started leaving the platform and moved to its speed.
            When we reached Fefna station the darkness had started spreading its cover. After coming out of station, we hired a rikshaw to Gadwar. In Gadwar we went to Babu Shivpujan Sinh’s house ( the grandfather (mother’s father) of present Sadguru, Sadguru Swatantradevji Maharaj). After paying the rikshaw driver Swamiji directly went into the house and reached the drawing hall. A lamp was lit in the hall. Babu Shivpujan Sinh immediately recognized Swamiji and came running and touched his feet. I also greeted Babu Shivpujan Sinh. Babu Shivpujan Sinh bought many number of buckets of water by his servant. After having bath and food he arranged for our sleep through a servant. In the morning after attending the nature’s call, Swamiji informed  Babu Shivpujan Sinh about his wish to leave for Vrittikut ashram. But Babu Shivpujan Sinh requested hard enough and made Swamiji stay there for that day. On that day Swamiji was treated with lot of respect and was served very well. The next day after completing our morning activities, we left for Vrittikut ashram before sunrise. Also Babu Shivpujan Sinh arranged for a servant to carry our luggage to the ashram. Also for the children           ( Acharya Pratham’s children ) , he gave some sweets and other things. After about 3 hours we reached the Vrittikut ashram. We met Acharya Shri Pratham. He touched Swamiji’s feets and then I touched his. The small children, Shri Ravindradevji and Shri Yogindradevji also touched Swamiji’s feet with extreme love. I handed over the bag of sweets to the children given by their grandfather. They carried that bag to their mother inside and them came out eating sweets and sat on Swamiji’s thies. The servant who had come from Gadwar, after having his breakfast, left for Gadwar again.
            I arranged for Swamiji’s bath and then took my bath and went into the cave. There I arranged for Swamiji’s rest by spreading the blanket and waited for any other orders of Swamiji as required. This time Swamiji had halted in Vrittikut ashram for a period of one and half month. The got the best opportunity of continuously serving Swamiji during that period. During this period Swamiji gave me the technique of third and fourth stage of meditation. I also discussed with Acharya Pratham about the achievements of these stages. Whenever I would try to ask or discuss something about yoga secrets he would try to avoid answering me, then I would request him with humbleness and respect, then he would answer something about it to me. I never avoided discussions with him. I also became worthy of his love there.
            One day Swamiji told me that one of his devotees is remembering him very much. We must go to him. During this visit we have to go to Shri Ramraj Sinh in Bellur. Its better we go to him first.
            Then the next day in the early morning Swamiji woke me up and after completing our morning activities, we took the required luggage and left for Chilkahar station. When we reached the station the sunrise had not yet taken place. Then Swamiji told me to spread the blanket at a well on the north side of the station. I did as I was told. When I talked to him about the train he said “Yet its two hours for train to arrive. Until then I will complete my morning activities.” When he finished his activities and bath, then only the first bell for the trains arrival was rung. I immediately collected all the materials and packed them and reached the platform. Until then Swamiji also reached the platform. I went to the ticket counter and bought the tickets. Then the second bell for the trains arrival was rung and the train arrived at the station in sometime. We immediately boarded the train and the train moved towards the Fefna station and soon we reached the station. Then we came out of the station and caught the bus going for Ujiyar. Then after crossing the river Ganga by a boat we reached Buxar station. I went to the ticket counter and bought ticket for Howda. Soon the train arrived on the platform and we boarded the second class compartment that was just in front of us. Slowly the train moved towards higher speeds. In the early morning the train reached the Howda station. When we reached out of station, there were bus owners who were shouting the destination place they would go and were trying to attract passengers to their bus. From them only one of the man was shouting “ Bellur wali, Bellur wali” ( he was shouting the name of the place his bus would go i.e Bellur ). Then when I asked him again, he said that this 51 number bus will only go to Bellur. He said he will leave us at right place. Then we could go where ever we wanted by rikshaw from then onwards. We boarded the bus. Then when the bus was filled with passengers, the conductor informed the driver by giving the bell to move on. While leaving the passengers and allowing the passengers to board at many stops, the bus finally reached Bellur. The conductor left us at Bellur only. Then we reached Ramraj Sinh’s house by rikshaw. He was sitting the house enjoying his morning tea. Then when he saw me and Swamiji together he was very excited and happy and came running towards us shouting with happiness “Swamiji !! Swamiji !! –Sadguru Bhagwan! Sadguru Bhagwan!!”. After coming near Swamiji, he fell to Swamiji’s feet  many times. Then making him aware of the situation, I asked him, whether he would just keep falling in the feets of Swamiji or will he give us some place to sit? Then  he realized his next duty and became aware of the situation. Then he took us to his room, removed his bed, spread a blanket, then a white colored bed sheet on it and prayed to  Swamiji  to sit on it. After Swamiji sat there he arranged for Swamiji’s bath. When Swamiji returned after taking his bath, Ramraj Sinh had already bought many flowers and fruits and also famous Bengali sweet named Chene ki sandesh. Along with it, he didn’t forget to bring luchi ( a kind of eatable ) made in pure ghee and curry made of chana ( a  variety of gram ). Swamiji had only luchi, curry of chana and some fruits but I had the sweets along with the rest of the food. After all we were hungry from a long time.
            Then Shri Ramrajsinh remembered that he had not watered Swamiji’s feets and didn’t perform Swamiji’s aarti. Soon he bought a big plate in which he watered Swamiji’s feets and soon he drank all the sacred feet water of Swamiji.Then he bought the same plate after cleaning and washing and did Swamiji’s aarti. Then he allowed me to take Swamiji’s aarti. Then after completing the prayers to Swamiji we both sat down on the blanket. Untill then I hadn’t paid attention to Ramraj Sinh’s body. He had just covered himself with a thin towel. Much of his body was uncovered. I was amazed and surprised to see that, his disease due to which his body had lost its color and his body had become white, now had gained the original color. He had recovered from that disease (shwet kusht is the name of that disease in hindi language). It was a surprising thing to see this. Then I asked Ramraj Sinh that when he had come to Vrittikut ashram except few parts of his body, the rest was suffering form the white color disease. Now it’s all gone away and his body seems to be healed from that disease in just two and half months. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of that disease. He told me that after returning from the ashram, the disease was recovered in one month only. I had only requested Swamiji to keep some part of my body unrecovered from that disease, so that I will always remember Swamiji for the kindness he has showered on me. Then after looking at Swamiji he said “ My lord ! not only this, but the flow of happiness and pleasure that you have given me, I haven’t talked about it yet. Though you omniscient, but if you permit me I would like to share it with  you”.
            After getting Swamiji’s permission he started telling. After returning from Vrittikut ashram, after two to three days, when I was sleeping in this room only, I felt as if someone is touching the center of my head with a fingure and told me to get up. I heard your voice. Immediately I obeyed the order and automatically sat in the siddhasan ( a sitting posture followed for meditation purpose ). Yes, the place where I was touched with the finger, I heard a very sweet and beautiful voice of a word (shabd) which was attracting towards it and soon I could feel that word all in my body and I started feeling as if I am becoming one with that word ( more appropriately to translate it, it will be becoming myself a word. It is a stage that people experience in meditation). I was completely involved in that word from all the four directions, when I was surprised to realize that I could hear that voice from the walls of the room, from the slab of the room, from the ground. Not only this, I was again surprised when I realized that my breath (pran) was pulled towards the Muladhar below the navel, as if the god of Muladhar was mixing it with himself. I felt as if I am being freed from this body. I felt as if my Mann ( since English doesn’t have a separate word for Mann, I am using at it is ) and Buddhi ( the meaning is nearest to brain.) are not there with me. I was encircled with very pure, cool and peaceful light. Though this body was in a state of dead one, I felt aroused, enlightened at that moment. Though my breath had already stopped, but I didn’t face any problem nor was I scared at all. I felt as if I am not only the lord of this body but there is lot outside that was under my control. I felt as if this intense light was not only existing in each and every atom but was also entering in each and every atom. I could see everything across the walls. Not only this I could also see my neighbour, who is a doctor, his wife and his children across the walls who were in their house. I was attached with the joy of happiness. There was no boundary or limit to my joy. This light of salvation was present in each and every nerve and vein in my body and was minutely shivering the whole nature (sansar) and itself, was also shivering very minutely.  I could hear the sound of the most beautiful, sweet, peaceful  supreme word (akshar-brahma), filled with music of veena ( an ancient Indian musical instrument which is possessed by godess Saraswati) more clearly now.
            Suddenly I shouted with lot of pain. I requested “Swamiji! kindly collect all these miraculous acts- kindly collect it my LORD! Please be kind to this child.” After I had just pleaded, Swamiji, you appeared in that divine world (divyalok) and said “Ramraju you got sacared ? I wanted to give you some more. I wanted to show you the universal appearance (Vishwa Roop) .But if you have got scared then, then ok , see everything is getting collected and vanishing.” After you had said this, my breath started working again. The Uniiversal appearance that you showed me vanished, but what remained was the sound of the divine word (akshar) which I am still hearing every where.
            I saw that Swamiji had awakened Ramraj Sinh from the sleep of zero knowledge and joined him with the flow of true and the ultimate happiness and joy.
            With equally overjoyed I asked Ramraj Sinh “Whether you will stay in this joy of meditation or will you arrange for food also?” He got up immediately and asked the person who was staying along with him to prepare the food. He himself went to the market to bring vegetables. When he returned the rice was ready. Then soon the vegetables were cut and with the cooperation of both the men the food was soon ready. He went into the room of Swamiji and informed him the food was being brought for him. Kindly have food. I poured water in Swamiji’s mug and glass. Then Swamiji, watching Ramraj Sinh, started mixing vegetable with the rice and started having food. Then I saw at Swamiji’s plate, in which Ramraj Sinh had given one bowl of ghee instead of dal (a liquid curry made of gram which is usually mixed with rice when having food) . Then I told Ramraj Sinh “Sinhji ! If u get overflowed with love for Swamiji, then how will we be able to serve him properly ?” Soon he realized his mistake  and bought the bowl with dal and added it in the bowl of ghee. Then also the amount of ghee was too much, but still Swamiji had it with love. The food that he left as Mahaprasad in the plate, in it, the dal was for namesake only. This time also, he finished all the Mahaprasad himself without even looking at me and caring for me to share it with me. He didn’t find proper to give me even one grain of Mahaprasad. I also after realizing his love and devotion to Swamiji didn’t force at all.
            Next day Swamiji after completing his bath, had breakfast of luchi and fruits. Then he called Ramraj Sinhji. He was talking to the doctor who was  his house owner also. He came running and stood in front of Swamiji with complete surrenderence.
            Then he gave an address of his devotee Babu Chandi Sinh, who was living in the area of Shyam bazaar in Culcutta and asked him to  tell him “ You are called by Swamiji  who is presently halting in my house.Along with you bring Mahavir Sinh also(Mahavir Sinh was also a good devotee of Swamiji and had a good and healthy body. Such a body owned person is called as pahalvan)”.
            Shri Ramraj Sinh borrowed his house owner’s vehicle and informed his companion to prepare good food for Swamiji and left for Shyam bazaar. After some time he came back with Shri Chandi Sinh. Shri Chandi Sinh is the same person who had printed 500 copies of Swarved ( a book written by Sadguru Sadafaldevji Maharaj ) with his money only. As soon as he came, with tears in his eyes, fell to Swamiji’s feets. Swamiji asked about his well being. He told Swamiji that every thing was ok. Then Swamiji asked him “ Have you lost your job? You have never talked about it in your letters neither have you told to anyone about it. How is your work going on. You are in much problems.”
            Then Shri Chandi Sinh said “My lord ! you are omniscient and know everything. I didn’t find it right to write such a small thing to you. Now if you are asking about the worry of the problems, then the extreme joy and happiness that you have given me is so superior that such infinite problems can be suffered when we are having that supreme joy and happiness.”
            Then Swamiji told him “You don’t have to worry. Soon everything will be alright. You arrange for my halting in Culcutta and also arrange some people for taking updesh (teaching the technique of updesh).You don’t have to worry about anything. After about one or two days, when you make the arrangements, I will leave from here. Now you go. Give the information to Mahavir Sinh also.”
            When Shri Chandi left Ramraj Sinhji went into the kitchen. The food was ready. Then he bought the mug and glass filled with water and kept in front of Swamiji. Then he washed Swamiji’s hands and face. Then Swamiji came and sat on the cot where his arrangement was made. Ramraj Sinh bought the plate of food, but didn’t forget to bring dal in it. Then after Swamiji’s food, he served Swamiji by pressing his legs and then after getting the permission went to have his food. Today also he took away the Mahaprasad by hiding and didn’t share even a single grain from the Mahaprasad. Then also I didn’t forget to give him thanks for his such clever move.
            Today also at night, he went inside the kitchen with Mahaprasad, had his food and came back early. At that time I was serving Swamiji by pressing his legs. Then after giving me rest he himself started serving Swamiji by pressing his legs. Then he applied mustard oil to Swamiji’s lower portion of the feets and then applied Mahabrungraj oil of Kehod to Swamiji’s head. Then he came and sat in the same place where I slept. Then in the morning when Swamiji asked me to bring water for drinking, I saw Ramraj Sinh sitting in that position of meditation only, in which he had sat at night. At night whenever I would wake I saw him sitting in that position only. He didn’t rest the whole night. Then after drinking water Swamiji whispered “ Sinhji , its morning now. Don’t get so involved in the joy of LORD that my service remain incomplete and things become uncomfortable and difficult.” After Swamiji said this, he got up immediately and started serving Swamiji with complete devotion. On that day, he also got late in having his bath and becoming ready.
            On the third day when Swamiji was having  his food in the afternoon, Babu Chandi Sinh arrived. No sooner had he arrived, he bowed to Swamiji and placed his head on Swamiji’s feets and informed him that his staying arrangement was done in Rani Rasmani Kokhi. They had got the permission for only 3 days. He told Swamiji that a marwadi caste family from Pathariyaghat was also excited to take the updesh and blessing from Swamiji. Also he told Swamiji that he got his job back with his 2 years of salary also. He also informed that the salary was also doubled from this month. His boss who is a Bengali, will come to receive Swamiji with him in his ambassador car and take Swamiji to his house where he will perform aarti and puja of Swamiji and then would leave Swamiji at that marwadi caste person, where everyone was willing to take the updesh from Swamiji.
            Swamiji asked Shri Chandi Sinh “How did your Bengali boss agree to give you your job back, that too so fast?”
            Shri Chandi Sinh said “The day I took your blessings and went back, the same night, that Bengali boss was sleeping in his room, he heard the following words continuously :
                                                “You didn’t do right by removing Chandi Sinh from his job. Get him on his job
                                                  at the earliest. Pay him the salary for the period he was removed from his job
                                                  and also as punishment pay him double salary from this month. He is
  innocent.He is my devotee. My orders must be followed.”
Shri Chandi Sinh told that all these words were spoken in Bengali language to his boss. Shri Chandi Sinh told
“Yesterday morning only he came to me and explained me all that happened and not only did he ask me to join the job but also completed all the formalities.” Then Shri Chandi Sinh offered all the 2 years salary that he got from his boss in Swamiji’s feets. After that he said “ Tomorrow morning I will come to pick you up” and started to leave. Then Swamiji said “Have food and then go”. After having food Chandi Sinh left and then Ramraj Sinh got sad. Because of fear he couldn’t request Swamiji to stay for 2 to 4 days more.
            The next day Babu Chandi arrived with his boss in the ambassador car. His boss touched Swamiji’s feet and bowed to him and Babu Chandi laid down on the ground and placed his head on Swamiji’s feets and bowed to him (bhumisat pranam).
            Swamiji asked Babu Chandi “Shall we get ready to leave now ?” Chandi Sinh said “Yes”. Immediately his boss said “ I think I heard Swamiji’s voice only that night. His voice and that night’s voice which  I heard is the same.” At that time Swamiji smiled a bit. Then the boss said “Swamiji I have done injustice to your devotee. Whatever you asked me to do that night, I have done them all. Kindly forgive me. It was a great mistake, but because of you only I have been able to repay back. Kindly leave for my home early and make it pure and sacred by your presence”.
            Shri Ramraj sinh gave some light food for everyone and then allowed us to leave with lot of sorrow in his heart. As long as Swamiji was in Culcutta, Ramraj Sinh would come regularly to Culcutta and take the blessings of Swamiji.
            Now we were at Bengali Babu’s house. Every one in the family were offering flowers, kumkum (a red colored powder which Indian ladies apply on their forehead and which is considered to be auspicious and sacred) and rice grains on Swamiji’s feets. We could understand the devotion of the family by seeing them serve Swamiji. There family was an idle family. After offering the flowers they did aarti of Swamiji and applied to their forehead and head. Swamiji was offered Sandesh(sweets) and fruits. The complete family shared the fruits and the sweets that was offered to Swamiji. Then he told the whole family that whatever he had heard about Chandi Babu that night, the voice that was heard that night was of this great divine person, Swamiji. The respected Bengali babu expressed his thoughts saying “This great and divine person is far more divine and greater than Ram Krishna Paramhans (one of the great saints in india) ”.
            In the afternoon, after having lunch, Bengali babu told Swamiji that in the morning, in over excitement and happiness of the presence of Swamiji, they forgot to take updesh (learn the technique of meditation) from Swamiji. So he requested Swamiji to kindly forgive then and give them updesh (explain the technique of meditation).Then Swamiji gave updesh to every person in the family. Bengali babu also took oath to remain vegetarian throughout his life along with his family.
            After having rest in the afternoon we left to go to Pathariyaghat, where we had to go to a marwadi caste person’s home. When we reached there, it was in the evening and the  darkness had begin to spread. The owner of the house bowed to Swamiji along with his family by lying completely on the ground(bhumisat pranam). Watered Swamiji’s feets, did aarti and sat with the complete family to take updesh from Swamiji. But his daughter in law, in any condition was not getting ready at all to take updesh. At the end when everyone took updesh Swamiji said “Let her go now. Tomorrow morning she will come herself and  take updesh. In the night after having their dinner everyone went into their rooms to sleep. Then in the night at 1.00 am the daughter in law started shouting “Help me! Help me!! Swamiji is beating me with his stick and says don’t you want to take updesh ! Now tell will you take updesh or not”. Everyone started knocking at her door and asked her to open the latch of the door. From within the room she told  that Swamiji was standing at the door only and is not allowing to open the door and again started shouting “Help me! Help me!!! Break the latch from outside and please help me!!!” The owner of the house came running into Swamiji’s room and saw Swamiji was sitting on his cot and Chandi babu was sleeping down. Swamiji said “Yeah, I heard the voices so got up and sat down”. Seeing this the owner was surprised to see that if Swamiji is here then who is the other Swamiji who is beating his daughter in law there in the room. Then after sometime the daughter in law in a completely feared condition opened the latch and asked to get her updesh from Swamiji or else he will again beat me. Everyone was surprised that if Swamiji is resting in his room then who was the other Swamiji who reached inside the locked room and beat the daughter in law. Then Chandi babu explained everyone that it was Swamiji’s miracle. Everyone was surprised and amazed and Swamiji was sitting there smiling. Then we all requested and prayed to Swamiji “My lord! Kindly collect back your miracle and give that lady updesh. Its very late at night.”
            Until then the daughter in law took her bath and come to Swamiji sat down on the ground near Swamiji and prayed and requested Swamiji to give her updesh and also asked for his forgiveness for her mistakes. Then every member of the family also asked for the forgiveness from Swamiji for her misbehaviour.
            Swamiji told them that from now onwards they should never behave in such way with any of the saints in future and gave updesh to the daughter in law. After taking updesh the daughter in law was very happy and filled with joy and went in her room. The other family members were also relieved and went to their rooms. And also every felt themselves blessed to have got such a great teacher (mahan guru).
            We stayed their for one more day. On that day the daughter in law only took utmost care of Swamiji about his conforts and requirements. But didn’t forget to request Swamiji “please never beat me with the stick again. At night you beat me very much.” Swamiji told her “I was in my sleeping room. I never got up from this place and went to your room. And also your room was locked from inside. Then how could I go inside?”. The daughter in law said “Only you can understand your miracles. I know that I was beaten very much”.
            The next night passed away very peacefully for the daughter in law. All the elders were very happy. In the morning Chandi babu informed us that we should leave for Rani Rasmani kothi (a big bunglow). In informed that from 6.00 pm in the evening the arrangement was also done for Swamiji’s lecture(amrutwani).
            After having lunch in the afternoon, the marwadi house owner left us at Rani Rasmani kothi in his car. While leaving the daughter in law requested Swamiji with complete devotion to come back again.
            The arrangement of Swamiji’s halting was done in a very nice manner. The healthy man(pahalvan) Mahavir Sinh and other welcomed Swamiji by offering garlands of flower to him. Swamiji entered in a well furnished and arranged room and sat on the cot made of Sandal wood. Then Chandi babu, Mahavir Sinh and other said prayers to Swamiji and did aarti. Then they offered Mosambi juice to Swamiji.
            There was a big hall in Rani Rasmani kothi. There only the arrangement for Swamiji’s lecture was done. All the curious people had started arriving in the hall. Swamiji’s lecture was arranged at 6.00 pm in the evening. Swamiji arrived in the hall 10 minutes before. Babu Chandi Sinh offered flower garland to Swamiji when he reached the stage. It was time for Swamiji’s lecture. Swamiji started his lecture with the mantra “Yeko Devo Sarva Bhuteshugudh”. It  took around 30 minutes to explain the meaning of mantra. After that Swamiji explained how to achieve this Yeko Devo i.e the supreme soul which took around 40 minutes and then he finished his lecture. In this way we continued for next three days but didn’t realize how the three days passed away. Around 50 to 60 people took updesh from Swamiji. Chandi babu’s boss took much of the initiative in serving Swamiji and looking after his arrangements. Many of the devotees wanted to take Swamiji at their place for some time atleast, but that was not possible in our schedule. At the end on the 4th day Swamiji informed Chandi Sinh that he would like to leave for Vrittikut ashram  now. He informed him to get tickets for Buxar station. Today he would rest. The Bengali boss was standing there only. He requested Swamiji to rest at his house. He wished to serve Swamiji. He said he would leave Swamiji to railway station by his own car and also help in boarding. Many people asked about the train by which  Swamiji would be leaving . Chandi babu told them that they would get tickets for Banaras Express. Swamiji didn’t say anything about that. Then we all got ready and left for Bengali babu’s house. There, the whole family was over joyed with the Swamiji’s arrival. They arrived fruits and milk for Swamiji and luchi and gram curry for the others. Also they didn’t forget to give sweets to everyone.
            Swamiji, after having his lunch went into his room to rest and rest of us went into the other room to rest. In the evening at 4.00 pm Bengali babu got mosambi juice to Swamiji and others and along with me, Chandi babu and himself left for the Havda station. He was himself driving the car. He took the ticket from the 1st class ticket counter. He got two tickets very easily. After returning we informed Swamiji that we had got tickets in the 1st class compartment for Banaras Express. Swamiji felt relieved on hearing this. The next day with lot of sorrow , the Bengali family allowed us to leave. At that time only, the marwadi person along with his daughter in law arrived in his car from Pathariya ghat. Babu Ramraj Sinh had arrived earlier only.WE all reached the station. We also bought some platform tickets also. When we reached platform we saw ther w ere many people who had come earlier to leave Swamiji. The train arrived on its scheduled time. We boarded the train. At that time the daughter in law of marwadi family came forward and said  to Swamiji, crying “Your beating by the stick has purified my life and brightened it. Kindly be kind enough to bless us by your presence again.” Ramraj Sinh ,Chandi Sinh and all the other people were in a very sorrowful state. When it was 5 minutes for the train to leave, every one offered flower garland to Swamiji and got down the train. From outside the train every one was shouting the slogans of praise in Swamiji’s name. Slowly the train left the railway station leaving others in the sorrowful state.
            The next day in the early morning at 4.00 am we reached the Buxar railway station. Then by a rikshaw we reached the Ram ghat. There Swamiji and me completed our morning activities and also had our bath over there. Then to cross the river we hired a dongi (small boat). The dongi crossed the river in around 30 minutes and then by a bus we arrived the Fefna railway station. There we came to know that the train for the Chilkahar railway station would be arriving in around 30 minutes. I got the tickets and waited for the train to arrive. Within sometime the train came and stopped at the platform. We boarded the train and soon train left the station. After some time we reached Chilkahar station. It was 1.00 pm. After coming out of the station, Swamiji did his exercises under a tree for about 30 minutes and then we left for the ashram. When we reached ashram it was around 5.00 pm in the evening. For the young children in the ashram (children of Prathamacharya ji) I had already removed the box of sweets (sandesh) given to us in Culcutta, to hand over. I handed over to Gargi Devi(daughter of Prathamacharya ji) who had returned from her father’s sister home(Fua). Shri Ravindradev and Shri Yogindradev (sons of Prathamacharya) gave more importance to Swamiji and sat on his thies, but couldn’t hold the temptation for the sweets and ran towards the home for the sweets.
            When we reached ashram, a boy from Hajipur (near Jahanabad ) had come. His name was Radhakrishna (Radhe). He came and placed his head on Swamiji’s feets. He informed Swamiji that the devotees from Hajipur and Dhangaon are waiting with enthusiasm and excitement for Swamiji’s arrival. He told that Swamiji’s extreme devotee, the old lady is also very enthusiastically waiting for his arrival. It was a long time back that Swamiji had been to that place.  He informed that the old lady, must be cleaning and plastering Swamij’s resting room in Madhumati ashram before his arrival only. “When we ask her about you, she explains about your present place of halting and many other things and tells us that your arrival is still to be after some time. The day before yesterday, I came to ashram to receive you and request you to come, on her saying only.” He informed Swamiji that the old lady had told them in the evening satsang that Swamiji will be available on this particular day in the Vrittikut ashram. If no one went to call him then he will be available after 15 to 20 days. He told that on her information only, he had come here to call Swamiji to come to their place. Whatever she had told about Swamiji has been the truth . So requested Swamiji to kindly make some programme to come to their place.
            After waiting for about two weeks in Vrittikut ashram Swamiji made plan to go to Jahanabad-Madhumati. He informed us that tomorrow in the early morning we will leave for Chilkahar station, then from their by train we well go to Fefna station and then from there we will go to Sonpur by other train and cross the river by ship and reach Patna. From Patna either we will go by train to Gaya or catch some vehicle to reach Jahanabad.
            As told by Swamiji we completed our morning activities and left for Chilkahar station. We were about to reach the station, the beautiful magic of sunset by mother nature could be experienced on the east. The first bell for the trains arrival was given. We took the ticket for the train and waited for the train to arrive. After the second bell, the train arrived on the platform. After boarding the train, we started discussing about the old lady who was Swamiji’s complete devotee.  After reaching the Fefna station we came out of the station and then spread a blanket under a tree for Swamiji and rested there. After about two hours when the train arrived, we had, had our breakfast by having bananas and other fruits. We had already bought  ticket upto Sonpur at Chilkahar station. We boarded the train and settled. The train started slowly and soon reached higher speeds. Many passengers unboarded and boarded at many stations. Finally we reached the Sonpur station. When we reached the Sonpur station the sun was on the west. From there we went to ship yard by a vehicle. The ship was waiting in the yard. We bought the tickets and boarded the ship. Within some time we crossed the river and reached the Patna station by a horse cart. Then we went on the platform from where the train would leave for Gaya in the morning at 5.00 am. We spread a blanket on the bench for Swamiji. Then Swamiji after getting fresh rested on that bench. Me and Radhe sat on the nearby bench and reasted and started dozing. In the morning, the train coming from the Gaya to Patna arrived at the same platform where we were resting. When all the passengers had got down from the train, we collected all our luggage and boarded the train. Radhe who had come with us went and got the ticket. The train was scheduled to leave after 40 minutes. We brushed and got fresh one by one. Until we all were finished the train was full of passengers. Then the guard gave the green signal when the train started moving towards its destination. After crossing many stations, the train finally reached on the platform number 1 on Jahanabad station.
            When we got down on the platform, the devotees from Hajipur, Dhangaon, and from nearby places arrived to touch the feet of Swamiji. The whole platform and the area was full of slogans “Sadguru bhagvan ki jai, Swamiji ki jai” being said by all the devotees. The station master and other employess also took the blessings of Swamiji.
            There was a horse cart waiting outside for us to take us. When we all sat in the cart, Swamiji watched at his one of the devotee and told Radhe to ask him also to sit in the same cart. When the horse cart started moving towards the Madhumati ashram Swamiji asked the cart driver to move slowly towards the ashram. Everyone was running with the cart. The cart driver started moving the cart slowly. Within some time he left us at a distance of half furlong before  Hajipur. We all reached the Madhumati ashram. The old lady, devotee of Swamiji, who must be around 63 to 64 years of age, seeing Swamiji came running and fell in the feet of Swamiji and held his feet. After requesting for a long time, then she let free Swamiji’s feet and got up and said to Swamiji “ You gave a lot of  time there. But you always asked about my well being every second or third day. I had informed everyone ,day before yesterday, that Sadguru lord will be arriving a day after tomorrow. All of you should go to receive him. And today you have come. I have cleaned and painted your room from some days. I have also arranged the cot. Kindly get your blanket spread it. Come fast, you must be tired now. Take your bath and get ready. I have got prepared puri in pure ghee and curry(sabji) for you.” The old lady ahead and Swamiji and we all followed her back. She stopped near Swamiji’s room and went in a hurry near the well and pored water in the tub for Swamiji’s bath. Until then I spread the blanket and a bedsheet over it on the cot. She got water from the well in a brass jug and kept it. Swamiji went to attends the nature call. Then for the rest of the service, I left one of my unknown companion, whose name also I didn’t know and went in some other direction from ashram to attend my natures call.
            When Swamiji had his bath and got fresh and reached his room, the old lady devotee went to Dhangaon to bring the curd that she had prepared by a day back milk. Within some time she bought the curd in the bronze utensil. In  a hurry she gave the puri, kurry, and the  curd to Swamiji. Swamiji had his food with lot of satisfaction and happiness. Then the old lady devotee took the remaining food from Swamiji’s plate as Mahaprasad. Until then I also had my bath and got fresh and returned. I plucked some flowers from the plants in the ashram and offered them in the feet of Swamiji stood there bowed. Along with one more devotee I had food. After taking some rest, Swamiji got up to write a letter. I took a mat and spread it under a mango tree to rest. Except one devotee everyone had gone to their home. The old lady devotee also, after taking Swamiji’s permission had gone home. The responsibility of serving Swamiji, Swamiji had given to that devotee who was there with Swamiji, whome he had asked to sit in the cart at the Jahanabad railway station.
            It was about be evening. The sun was showering his last rays. The birds in the trees were as if singing and calling there closed ones.
            Swamiji came outside his room and spread his blanket on the place he sat (brahma vedi). Many other devotees also had taken there seat on the mat spread below. The old lady devotee had also spread a mat near Swamiji away from the other devotees. No sooner had she sat down, she experienced a jerk and then a bit of vibrations in her. For about two three minutes she had external vibrations (sushman) and then became stationary and motionless. Then Swamiji told me “Just see Pandit! Whether her nerves are working or not and check whether her breathing is working or not”.
            I went near her and checked her left hand nerve which was not at all working. Her heart had also stopped beating ( I  guessed her heart had stopped beating). I also checked her breath which I found had stopped completely. At that moment her body had become like a stone statue and was motionless completely. I was amazed and surprised and was trying to find satisfaction about the condition. But whether is it possible to find a satisfaction for such spiritual activities related to YOGA on the basis of our thinking by brains? Not at all. That old lady, devotee of Swamiji, who must be enjoying the nectare of happiness, not only me but experts in their levels can also not tell the joy she was having.
            On that day Swamiji talked about the Bengal trip in short and completed his lecture soon. Everyone left for their homes. The old lady devotee was still sitting in that lifeless state. Swamiji only said “Get up! Go home!! You have to do a lot of work at home also”.
            No sooner had Swamiji said these words the old lady devotee’s body started getting life and slowly she became aware of  the exterior world. After getting up she fell to Swmiji’s feet and left to her home sadly. On that day the food for the night had come from Sitaram Sinh’s home from Dhangaon. When he had arrived with the food in the Madhumati ashram, it was night. It was 8.30 pm in the night as per Swamiji’s watch. After Swamiji had his dinner we also had our dinner. Sitaram Sinh stayed in Swamiji’s room and kept talking to him for some time. Then after taking the plates and other utensils that we had washed which he had bought, took and went to his home. One of the two of us started serving Swamiji by pressing his legs. Then I went into the other room for sleeping.
            Whenever I got up at night, I saw the devotee who was there with me, sitting outside the Swamiji’s room. He was Swamiji’s completely devoted devotee. I have forgot his name now. Don’t remember it now. So from now I will call him as Sevavrati (meaning who served Swamiji with complete devotion and hard service).
            In the morning Swamiji told Sevavrati to bring a glass of water which Swamiji drank and attended his natures call. When he returned Sevavrati served Swamiji by helping him wash his hands. Then Swamiji asked for datum (a neem tree stick used for cleaning teeth), which Sevavrati said will bring soon. Swamiji on hearing this scolded him and insulted him there. He asked Swamiji for his forgiveness and bought it immediately. Until Swamiji finished cleaning his teeth, Sevavrati filled the tub with water and stood there holding Swamiji’s clothes. Swamiji had his bath. After that Sevavrati himself wiped Swamiji’s body  with a thin towel. Then he gave dhoti (cloth used to cover the lower portion of the body) to Swamiji and handed the kopin. Then Swamiji wore his khadau (wooden sandal) and went into his rest room. Sevavrati washed Swamiji’s clothes and put them for drying in the verandah. Until then the old lady devotee also returned with a mug of milk for Swamiji. Swamiji consumed the milk with lot of love and appreciation. At that time some respected personalities from Jahanabad arrived. One of them was an advocate, whose name was Tapeshwar babu. Everyone touched Swamiji’s feet, bowed to him and sat down. On Swamiji’s indication, Sevavrati gave a hand full of dried fruits to everyone.  Everyone ate the dried fruits and drank water and sat. Swamiji asked everyone about there well being. Everyone complained Swamiji about his availability to meet after a long time and said “Lord! We wish to have your availability and blessings at least after every 15 days. If it extends then we have the right to complain you.” Then Swamiji said laughing at them “Your Swamiji appears and blesses the old lady devotee every night in the early morning in brahma muhurt at 3.00 am (period which starts at 3.00 am in the morning and upto 6.00 am) and you don’t get to see him and get his blessings  even after three months…… then ……” then again Swamiji said “You increase your faith and belief in me to such an  extent that I should appear and bless you not only everyday but every moment.” The inquisitive devotees with complete surrenderance had tears in their eyes. Then Tapeshwar babu  told Swamiji that they are unable to develop so much of faith and belief. So he requested Swamiji to develop it forcefully  in them. Swamiji stared at him with sharp and intense sight and stayed quite. Except Tapeshwar babu everyone felt that it was there fault for not able to develop that faith and belief in Swamiji. Now also Tapeshwar babu answered them arguing, saying Swamiji can do anything.
Then why doesn’t he develop such a small capability in us?  Swamiji was serious and kept quite. Then Swamiji broke his silence and said there are different type of devotees. Tapeshwar babu not today then tomorrow he will become a devotee. Tapeshwar babu said “Swamiji! I am a very arrogant person. Devotion is not in my fate. You can forcefully make me devoted by erasing the line of non-devotee from my fate. Now we will be leaving because we are getting hungry and its time for you also to have your food.”
            Shri Sitaram Sinh had bought food for Swamiji. He requested everyone along with Tapeshwar babu to come to his house to have food. Everyone agreed to it.
            After Swamiji’s food when everyone of us started to go to Shri Sitaram Sinh’s house to have food, Swamiji told Sevavrati to wait back and let everyone go. When everyone would return he could go to have his food. We didn’t like this. But no one said anything about it. But Sevavrati accepted it with joy and happiness and stood there only. So when we returned after having food, Sevavrati went to have his food. When he returned, Swamiji scolded him very much saying he delayed very much. He asked for Swamiji’s forgiveness and vowed he wont do such mistake again. Swamiji started resting. Then Sevavrati came out of the room, spread the mat and waited there for Swamiji’s next order. I went to my place to take rest. All the other devotees said they will come the next evening and left.
            Now it was evening. Within sometime the sunset was to take place. Different kind of birds had started coming and settling down in the mango trees. Swamiji also had washed his face and hands and freshened up and sat on his brahma vedi.  Compared to previous, this time there were more number of devotees. The number of lady devotees was also not less. Swamiji’s devotee, the old lady had also sat in her place in sidhasana (a kind of sitting posture). Shri Ramchandra’s mother was also sitting. Swamiji use to call Shri Ramchandra’s mother as Meera. She had a very sweet voice. Whenever she would sing Swamiji’s hymns, everyone would get touched  by her hymns and have tears in their eyes and drown in the joy of hymn. There was a girl, whose name was Tulsi and was also a complete devotee of Swamiji. Swamiji had named her, her previous birth name only.  Swamiji had told her parents about her previous birth information also. When they tried to find the truth, they realized it was true. That would girl would attend the satsang ( meeting of praying together and discussing about Swamiji’s knowledge) and prayers along with her mother and her aunt (father’s brother’s wife).  Swamiji was very happy with her devotion. Swamiji ordered Meera to sing a hymn. The first line of her hymn (devotional song ) was “Sakhiya va ghar sabse nyara, jahan puran purush hamar….etc”. Everyone enjoyed the hymn of Meera. The lady was so deeply involved in her meditation that even after being called number of times by Swamiji, she didn’t wake up and didn’t come out of her meditation. In the end when Meera touched her to Swamiji’s feet she slowly got awakened. Then Swamiji said “At the end of satsang you wake up fast”. On this the lady devotee said “When you stop giving me your view (darshan) , then only can I come down from up.” Then Swamiji just smiled at her. She said “ the younger daughter in law of the marwadi caste family from the Pathariya ghat is sitting in meditation from last two days. They are getting ready to bring her to you. Kindly wake her up at the earliest.” Swamiji became serious and appeared to be worried. Then Swamiji told the old lady “See in meditation what is her condition now?” Then she closed her eyes and after 5 minutes told Swamiji “You have just ordered her family members to touch Sadguru’s picture to her forehead. She will open her eyes. They have heard the words said by you from here and followed your instructions. Now she has come to complete  consciousness. Everyone is very happy now and amazed and surprised and discussing that though Swamiji is not here how  could they hear your words? They are saying that they are very lucky and blessed that such divine soul had come to their home and given them updesh. They are also chanting slogans of your praise and now offering sweets to you and doing arti of your photo.”
            “Who was this old lady whose even a small request would be attended by Swamiji?” As far as I know, she was a great meditator (yogini) living a very ordinary life. The liquid of love, in which she had drowned herself, it was possible only in the shelter of Sadguru and saints-scriptures. That lady had such a height of devotion to Sadguru that she was not touched by any materialistic feelings (moh, shok) nor did she wished any kind of respect or position. She had become ONE with Swamiji to such an extent that she could catch up with Swamiji’s thoughts and movements. Her body, mind, voice and her activities were as if empowered with Swamiji’s divine power. That is why she was able to catch up with Swamiji’s internal feelings and external activities. It was amazing and surprising to see how Swamiji had cultivated oneness of soul with her. Swamiji was really an amazing divine person. Such a great yogi takes birth for the benefit of the human being by establishing spiritual objectives and importance and implementation of the same.
            In the evening after the doing the prayers and arti of Swamiji the evening satsang (meeting) was concluded. The old lady devotee also went home.
            Today the food for all three of us arrived from Meera’s home. Meera gave us the Mahaprasad in small amount and rest she took it to her home. Swamiji went into his room to rest. Sevavrati went into Swamiji’s room to serve him by pressing his legs and apply oil to his head and lower portion of the feets as usual. I also went to my room to rest.
            The next day, the old devoted lady arrived very early morning with milk for Swamiji. He was still having his bath in the tub when she had arrived.  She was sitting with me in the Swamiji’s room. She was staring up with half eyes closed. May be she had lost herself in her internal world experience.
            No sooner had Swamiji arrived she got back to her external world. She immediately gave milk to Swamiji. When Swamiji drank the milk, she started complaining to Swamiji saying “Why do you wake me up at 3.00 am or before that also, daily? Due to work during the day and night also I get tired. I cannot complete my sleep. When I don’t get up you beat me with your stick also. Then I am forced to get up. When you were not here then also I had to experience your beating. Is it not possible that you wake me up at 4.00 am. If I get up myself then you wont have to take the effort of waking me up and I wont need to get your beating by stick.” Swamiji said “try getting up by yourself only”. The old lady said “As you wish”.
            Today when Swamiji sat on his brahma vedi (a place ment for Swamiji to sit), some people from Jahanabad came to seek Swamiji’s blessings to Madhumati ashram. In them advocate Tapeshwar babu was also there. The old lady devotee sat in front and near Swamiji. Meera and other ladies sat surrounding the old lady devotee today. Sitaram Sinh, Bankeji and Ramchandra Sharma and other sat on the south of the brahma vedi. The satsang started with “Aaj Swagat nitya guruvar, santa shubhagam aiye”. No sooner had the Swagat-gan started the old lady devotee went into her internal and became breathless and silent. Swamiji asked me again to check her breath and whether her nerves were working or not? When I checked her nerves, they were not working. When I kept my finger near the nostrils, there was no movement of the breath. Then I informed Swamiji that everything had stopped. Then Swamiji asked Meera to place her hand on the heart and check out. Whether the heart beating has also stopped? Meera had kept her hand on her heart for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Then she removed her hand and said “Swamiji! the heart beat has completely stopped. Has she ……” Then Swamiji while laughing said “Nothing to fear, everything will be alright.”
            All those present were surprised to see this. They requested Swamiji saying “Lord! Is it possible that a person can stay alive even after his breath has stopped, nerves are not working and the heart beat also stops.”
            Swamiji answered them saying “YES” and told them that such an act was just like a kids play for a follower of Vihangam Yoga or Sahaj Yoga and nothing else. Its just a normal activity.
            At that time Tapeshwar babu said he would like to check for the old lady devotees nerves and the breath himself. He asked for Swamiji’s permission whether he could? Swamiji said he could inspect it. He inspected the old lady devotees nerves and breath and realized that they had stopped completely. Then considering that her heart beat must also have stopped returned to his place and sat down and whispered to his companions “ Swamiji’s is really a great yogi in today’s time.”
            Then Swamiji ordered Meera that she should sing a bhajan now. She sang the bhajan “Madhur-madhur dhwani baje…..”When she finished singing her bhajan every one had drowned in the sea of devotion to Swamiji. After this Swamiji gave a small lecture on devotion and then after completing the prayer and arti of Swamiji the satsang was ended. While leaving Swamiji asked Tapeshwar Babu “When should you be given the updesh?” Tapeshwar Babu said “Updesh should be given to me by force, Swamiji! When such time comes I will take the updesh.” Swamiji didn’t react to it and left. Everyone left away. Only the old lady devotee was left there. She was sitting in that condition up to around 11.00 pm at night. Swamiji told Sevavrati to touch a Swamiji’s picture to her forehead. Then she will open her eyes and come to consciousness. Sevavrati followed Swamiji’s orders. The old lady devotee came to consciousness and bowed to Swamiji by lying on the ground and left.
            Like this weeks after weeks passed by. One night at 1.00 am Tapeshwar Babu arrived at the Madhumati ashram. His clothes below his waist were all wet. He was sitting outside Swamiji’s room. He started requesting Sevavrati to let him meet and see Swamiji and Sevavrati was again and again requesting him to speak slowly because Swamiji was sleeping. When it will be time, he will himself get up and then he could meet and see Swamiji and talk to him.
            I also hearing to the talk of the two people at such odd time, reached there with inquisitiveness. I also started requesting him and some how convinced him and bought him to my room and tried to know what was he doing as such odd time in ashram and what was the need to meet and see Swamiji? But told me nothing and kept on requesting to allow him to meet and see Swamiji.
            After some time Swamiji himself came outside and beat Sevavrati five six times with his  stick and told “You were ordered not to make any noise at night outside my room and still you didn’t follow my orders.” Sevavrati was continuously asking for forgiveness of Swamiji and was trying to assure him that such mistake wont happen again. Swamiji was still scolding him calling him cruel and idiot etc. and Sevavrati was continuously asking for Swamiji’s forgiveness surrendering  to him. That time we both also went there and bowed to Swamiji lying completely on the ground. Tapeshwar Babu would bow to Swamiji by lying on the ground and then get up ask for the forgiveness and again do the same thing. At the end Swamiji asked him to sit down. Then Swamiji asked him “ What is the matter that you have come running at such odd time in the night?”
Tapeshwar Babu said “My Lord! First kindly give me updesh. Then I will tell you everything.” Swamiji told him that in the early morning during brahma muhurt  at 4.00 am he will be given updesh. He asked Tapeshwar Babu that how did he get ready to take updesh so fast. Whether any incident had happened?
            Tapeshwar Babu said “Lord! After locking the door from inside I went to sleep in side my room when I realized some one else’s presence and my bed started moving fast. I thought it could be earthquake. That’s why my bed was moving so fast. When I opened my eyes I saw you standing there with your stick. You were asking me will you take updesh or not? And hit me with your stick for 2 to 3 times. Then due to pain I requested you back not to beat me and agreed to take updesh. But the stick was not at all stopping from beating me. It was giving me injury after injury. You crushed my body by beating with the stick. There was lot of pain in my body. At last I realized you are not listening to me and were very angry so I caught hold of your legs and begged for forgiveness and protection. Then I heard the words, GET UP! GET UP!! Don’t ever misbehave again like this. When I got up I saw there was no one in the room and the door was locked from inside. Then I started thinking how Swamiji got inside with the door was locked from inside and how did he go out without opening it? I was surprised with that incident. Then I heard your words “GO! GO!! Take updesh at the earliest. Don’t be surprised!!! Yogi can go in sky, underground and every such place where which is impossible to access. Materialistic obstructions are negligible for him and without effect.” After hearing this I was clear from any confusions. Immediately I opened the latch and door and left in the same condition as I was. If I had come by crossing the it would have been very late so I crossed the river Yamuna and here I am in your feet. Kindly do not delay. Kindly give me updesh. Unknowingly I have made many mistakes and misbehaved. Please forgive them. I am your immature student. I will be doing mistakes again and again and you have to forgive me again and again and protect me.” After saying this he surrendered himself in the feet of Swamiji.
            Until then it was early morning. We could hear the birds singing in the trees. The silent wind blowing was bring sweet scent in the surrounding of the ashram. Many cuckoo’s were singing in the environment of the ashram. At this time only, the most kind, Swamiji asked Tapeshwar Babu to go and wash his hands and face at the well. Swamiji said “Now I will continue with my day to day activities only after giving you updesh.” When Tapeshwar Babu returned Swamiji gave him the updesh of second bhumi(stage). After that Swamiji told him “Unless I come back, you should meditate at the point disclosed to you”.
            When Swamiji returned after completing his morning activities he saw Tapeshwar Babu sitting in the same place meditating. He asked him to open his eyes which he did. Swamiji told him “You should regularly do the meditation in the morning and in the evening for one hour daily. This will benefit you.” Until then many devotees from Dhangaon, Hajipur and other places had also arrived. Tapeshwar Babu explained the incident that occurred with him at night and said that he didn’t know why Swamiji had showered kindness on such a misbehaved person like him. He said “ yeah I can say that first by beating me he purified me and then accepted me in the shelter of his feet. I was suitable for this. It is my kind request to Swamiji that whenever I become impure, he should purify me with the beating of his stick. Everyone laughed at him. Swamiji gave some part of the breakfast which was bought for us from Bankeji’s home to Tapeshwar Babu. He heartedly  wished that he should receive some prasad(food) by the hands of Swamiji only. That is why Swamiji fulfilled his wish. Then after taking Swamiji’s permission he left in that improper dress only. After reaching Jahanabad, he explained all the incidents to his friends also. On that day, Tapeshwar Babu attended the evening satsang also. Along with him many other advocates who were impressed by the incident that happened with him had also come. The satsang started with “Aaj swagat nitya guruvar……..”.With Swamiji’s permission Meera read the ‘Sadguru-Pratibha’ and also beautifully sang the bhajan “Hansa jagmag jagmag hoi”. But this time everyone’s attention was on that old lady devotee only. Because she was experiencing external Sushman Pravah(natural Bhrasika i.e a breathing exercise practiced in yogasanas i.e heavy breathing kind of exercise). Everyone present were experiencing this unusual and amazing sight. At that time Tapeshwar Babu requested Swamiji whether he could ask something to him and stood there for his permission. Swamiji thought something and permitted him.
            Tapeshwar Babu with very politeness asked Swamiji “My Lord! Yesterday whatever happened with me is very surprising and amazing, but how is it possible that you were present in Madhumati ashram and also in my place. I had locked the  door from inside but still how did you come inside. If you find it appropriate, kindly explain it in brief.”
            Swamiji smiled and said “Actually your question is very difficult and the answer is also equally difficult. But still I will try to explain it in simple. You are all literate people. That is why you will understand easily. The one who is complete yogi, his conscious energy frees itself from the limitations of his body, though it is separate from the materialistic world, but still stays with the materialistic world with its own wish. A siddh yogi is never affected by the materialistic attractions. The complete yogi, when he attaches himself with the GOD element, then he is not limited to the limitations of time and country and rises far above them and the bounds of primitive and worldly word “Akar” becomes futile. Such a yogi not only the speed of light, but also leaves behind the speed of mind (mann). A vihangam yogi turns his external sight to internal and merges it with the “AKSHAR or KUTASTH”, due to which his complete body gets enlightened. If the conscious act of the eyes stays with the AKSHAR for a long time then the yogi can neglect all the illusions and materialistic attractions. In this way a yogi rises beyond the rules of the nature and denies his any kind of inefficiency for himself or for others. In this way he becomes SATYAKAM AND SATYASANKALPVAN (person doing true work and  true determination). He can do whatever and however he wishes. He can finish his physical body and gather as much and as many atoms as he wants and appear any where he wants. He can be from one to many. He becomes transparent. Wall or anything else cant become a barrier for him. He develops the ability where in  he can use the active atoms and can create any materialistic thing at any moment. I hope now that you must have understood how I must have got inside Tapeshwar Babu’s home.” After saying this Swamiji laughed jokingly.
            Here I was realizing that Swamiji was scolding Sevavrati now and then. With a gap of 1 or 2 days he would even beat him with the stick. Though he wont be responsible for doing anything wrong, still Swamiji would beat him very much or scold him badly with lot of anger. After 20 to 25 days this condition increase to a lot of extent. Like this the time was passing by. One day I asked Sevavrati “Sevavrati ji! Why Swamiji is not being kind with you and without any reason he beats you and scold you and calls you cruel and devil and much more? But I see you don’t do any mistakes also. Waking up day and night you serve him very carefully. I feel very bad but due to fear of Swamiji I am unable to say anything. Though he is very kind to me. Sevavrati said laughing at me “You are feeling very sorry for me. So I am not going to thank you for that. Whatever Swamiji is doing, he doing for the progress and benefit of me. Kindly don’t feel sorry and be an obstruction in my benefit. I get beaten up and you feel the pain. Kindly don’t talk like this in future with me.” Soon Swamiji called him and engaged him in some work.
            As far as I know I have never seen any person serving like Sevavrati. Such a person who considers his duty and benefit to take all the beating and scolding of Swamiji. I thought that as long as at least one such person who serves Swamiji with so much of devotion is present, there wont be any danger to the pole star( the hindi words were ---tab tak is dhruva ka sampurna vinash kabhi nahi hoga.).
            In this way some more of 14 to 15  days passed in Madhumati ashram. One day Swamiji told us that we should leave for Vrittikut ashram tomorrow morning. Its has been many days staying here. He said that all the people who will be attending the evening satsang will be informed in the evening. Today only we should bring the two boxes from Sitaram Sinh and keep it ready. The box contains the books of Ved, Darshan and Upanishad. There is one more book  written by me in one of the boxes. All of them will go to Vrittikut ashram. When I had come before I had bought them. By indicating to Sevavrati he told him that he should go in the afternoon after having lunch and bring it himself by carrying it. At that time only he should inform about their departure in the next morning to Vrittikut ashram.
            In the afternoon after luch Sevavrati went to Sitaram Sinh’s house and bought the two boxes. They were heavy. That is why the other box was carried by Sitaram Sinh’s servant. Swamiji got angry on this also and scolded him for not having bought the two boxes himself. The only good thing that I thought happened was that Swamiji didn’t beat him.
            All the people who attended the evening satsang knew before only that Swamiji was leaving for Vrittikut ashram tomorrow morning. Sitaram Sinh had spread this information through his men. But still all those who didn’t know about the departure of Swamiji, also came to know in the satsang.  Everyone was feeling sad about this. The old lady devotee, Meera and Tapeshwar Babu were the one who were very sad and about to cry.
            After this the satsang was started with “Aaj swagat nitya guruvar….”.Meeraji sang the bhajan “Rehna nahi desh virana hai....” This bhajan made everyone more restless and they couldn’t concentrate in meditation also. The old lady devotee also couldn’t. Like other days the satsant  didn’t go for long time. It was completed early only. All the literate people from Jahanabad said they would come to the railway station to see off and also requested Swamiji to come back soon and left for their homes.
            The next day some how the horse cart was bought to Madhumati ashram. I said some how because the road from ashram to down the street was damaged a lot. All the luggage was loaded in the cart. All the people gave their service in terms of money in the feet of Swamiji. The cart started moving slowly. Swamiji along with his crying devotees came to the main street walking. The ladies and the children left for their homes in sad state.
Then we three of us sat in the cart. The cart moved towards the station. The other devotees started moving towards the station. When the cart reached the station all the people who were there unloaded the luggage along with the heavy boxes and reached the platform. The horse  cart man also came to the platform along with the others. He didn’t take any charge. Until then along with Tapeshwar babu from Jahanabad many others had arrived at the station. All the people from Jahanabad after offering garland of flowers to Swamiji presented their service in the form of money in the feet of Swamiji.          
            After some time the Gaya-Patna passenger train arrived, and we all boarded the train along with the boxes and sat. Sri Sitaram Sinh bought the tickets and gave us. The platform was filled with the slogans of Swamiji’s praisings. When the guard showed the green flag and whistled the  train started moving. Some very emotional devotees kept running to some distance along with the train.
            The train reached Patna at around 1.00 pm. After coming out of the station we reached shipyard(mahendru ghat) by a rikshaw. The ship had started from across the river from Dhiga ghat. When the ship reached this side we boarded the ship and soon the ship reached the other bank of the river. When we got down on the other side, a vehicle was waiting to carry us to Sonpur junction. We didn’t have to take ticket for that. When we reached Sonpur station the evening was about to start. The train to leave for Chilkahar station was at night at around 11.00 pm. We spread a blanket for Swamiji and bought 2 to 3 dozen of bananas. Swamiji ate some and the rest we.  When the first announcement for the arrival of the train was made, Sevavrati bought the tickets. All the luggage was gathered and the blanket of Swamiji was also folded. Two of our blankets were packed together. Then the train arrived at the platform. After Swamiji rested in a place all the luggage was loaded in the train. Then we also sat near Swamiji only. The train halted there for about half an hour. The guard showed the green light and whistled. Getting the signal the train driver started moving the train. When the train arrived at the Chilkahar station in the early morning, we got down the train and after coming out of the station moved to the north under a mango tree near the well. There only Swamiji attended his natures call and we too cleaned our teeth and got fresh. Then Swamiji told me to load both the luggage on the head of Sevavrati and also to hand over Swamiji’s  bedding to him only. I should carry my bedding and Swamiji’s mug and glass. Then I said to Swamiji “My Lord! The two boxes and the bedding will become heavy for Sevavrati. He wont be able to walk. I will take something more from him. Before Swamiji could say something Sevavrati said “Luggage is on my head and you are feeling heavy! At least don’t interfere in Swamiji’s orders. Swamiji smiled at his words. Fine, I loaded the boxes on Sevavrati’s head and Swamiji’s bedding too. I took the other bedding and Swamiji’s mug and glass and started walking. Swamiji was walking ahead of us. Behind him Sevavrati was walking and me at the last. Swamiji was scolding Sevavrati sometimes for not walking fast. Sevavrati without feeling bad about it, was trying his best to maintain the minimum distance from Swamiji. But the luggage was beyond tolerance and too heavy. The distance from the station to ashram was about 6 miles which was not less at all. Swamiji was also not planning to wait for sometime on the way. Again and again a question was arising in my mind that how could such a kind Swamiji be so unkind to Sevavrati? Then also I would try to avoid this thought in my mind. I would think, whatever is happening let it happen. Let Swamiji only understand this. I can’t understand this act of Swamiji. At the end at around 4.00 pm we reached the Vrittikut ashram. There after climbing some heightened place I removed the luggage from Sevavrati’s head. The boxes were placed inside the house and the bedding was opened  and the clothes of Swamiji were removed from it and the blanket was spread on the brahma vedi (place ment for Swamiji to sit). Swamiji asked Sevavrati to fill the tub with water. Sevavrati helped Swamiji wash his hands and face by bringing water in a copper mug and then went to fill the tub with the water. Until then the young children of Prathamacharya and Swamiji’s grandsons Shri Yoindradevji and Shri Ravindradevji had come to Swamiji. Shri Yoganand came and touched Swamiji’s feet and went to service of other ashram work. Sevavrati after filling the tub with water informed Swamiji. Swamiji started having his tub bath. During that time we both also had our bath and got ready because could not guess when and what kind of service Swamiji would require. After having bath Swamiji went to Baba Skambh Muni and asked about his wel being and went and sat on brahma vedi. At that time Mataji (present Swamiji or Acharya dwitiya’s mother)sent the food by the hands of Gargi devi. After Swamiji had his food we mixed the remaining food of Swamiji (which is the mahaprasad ) with our food and ate it. In the night when Swamiji went in the cave to sleep, for the first time we both served Swamiji by pressing his legs and massaged by applying oil to the under portion of  his feet. Before this the load of serving Swamiji was on only Sevavrati. I felt as if after reaching Vrittikut ashram Swamiji had become kind and normal with Sevavrati.
            Next morning also we served Swamiji together. Swamiji didn’t object for anything. Next day one of the Swamiji’s most devoted devotee (virakt sant) named Sreyanand ji arrived to see Swamiji and take his blessings. Swamiji had told Sevavrati to have little milk in the morning and not to eat anything until evening he told him that its necessary to keep his stomach empty. And he did t the same.     
            In the afternoon at around 3.00 pm Swamiji asked for his resting chair and sat facing the north direction. Swamiji told Shri Sevavrati and me and Sreyanand to sit together on a separate carpets ment for each one of us.  All three of us took one one carpet and sat in siddhasan. Sevavrati was sitting between two of us. All three of us were sitting at a distance from the Swamiji. We were all facing Swamiji only.
            Swamiji looked at Sevavrati and said “This world is not your world. Your world which is filled with nectar (amrut) , nectar-world (amrut desh) is somewhere else. This world is empty. This is death place. You have to go to your true life friend who is not attached with sorrow and happiness. After saying this Swamiji started singing a bhajan “ Sadgur hai rangaraz, chnunar mori rang dali…..” When Swamiji sang the second part I saw that the breath of Sevavrati was already stopped. The hands and legs had stiffened. The lips had overlapped and the mouth had become crooked. Then Swamiji asked me “Pandit ji check out whether his nerves are working or not! What is the condition of his heart beat?” I checked out his nerves which were not working. His heart had also stopped pumping. The pupil of the eyes had also become crooked. I told Swamiji “My Lord! The nerves are not working and the pumping of the heart has also stopped. His face has also been deformed. As if his whole body has stiffened. Will he be fine!” Swamiji and Acharya Shri Pratham who was sitting near by on a resting chair just smiled.
            Swamiji looked at Sevavrati and said “Its around one hour now. Now its time for my service. How long will you stay like this. Get up! Open your eyes!!” When Swamiji said this his body started loosening. His face started getting into the natural form. His eyebrows which were deformed started getting their normal forms and he started opening his eyes. His conscious turned to the external world. Sevavrati got up slowly and bowed to Swamiji by lying completely on the ground and the to Baba and Acharya Shri Pratham and then came and sat in his place. Then Swamiji said to him “Tell everyone which world have you been and how did you go there.”
            Sevavrati starting saying “Swamiji ! When you looked at me and said this world is not your world. Your world which is filled with nectar (amrut) , nectar-world (amrut desh) is somewhere else. This world is empty etc. and then when you started saying the bhajan “Sadguru hai rangarez, chunari mori rang dari”, at that moment itself some changes took place inside me. When the bhajan started, my breath was pulled outside my muladhar. I felt as if someone else has pulled my breath outside by force. I started forgetting about my physical body (sthul sharer).  I could realize a very different kind  pulsating in my muladhar, manipurak and swadishthan charka. I also realized that at these centers there was different kind of enlightenments taking place. After this I also experienced that my heart place was having a different kind of pulsating and also some garr-garr kind of word was also happening. After some time of happening of this word my whole heart place was enlightened.  There I realized that this enlightened three worlds(alok trilok) is what I am-this enlightenment is what I am, the soul. With this enlightenment only the activities of my nerves and veins, heart and breath were taking place. This enlightenment was only keeping the activity going on in this body. Then my conscious reached the charka in my neck(kanth). There with a slight pulsation a little light flashed. In that light only I realized that if one remains steady in that light, one can win over thirst and hunger. It was a different joy of achieving these four charkas. Then I reached my agnya charka. There along with the music and vibrations of ONKAR (the letter oam which is the spiritual word for the hindus) was the enlightenment of the moon shaped light and along with that the letters of  oam appearing at that place was itself a very amazing and enjoying condition. After this I passed through the forehead portion hearing to many letters and reached the place where I heard the word RARAN. I could hear the word RARAN very clearly there. There I could hear the sound of BELL also very clearly. There the joy of the divine enlightenment was very enjoyable. There I saw many enlightened men (sidha purush) and the light of many divine souls in the form of human body. Bathing in that diving light, I felt as if I was freed from all my good and bad deeds (pap tap se mukt hona). That moment I felt as if some power with the speed of electricity passed through the spinal cord (merudand) and reached the extreme end of the forehead. I felt as if thousands of thousands of fire balls have lightened up. I felt as if some thing went from there and I was in a condition of roaming in the infinite sky. After coming out of this condition I saw a very minute white lotus flower. All its petals were facing downwards. I saw a tissue that was similar to that of the tissue that’s present in the stem of the lotus flower. The I heard your words saying “ Catch this tissue, that is also attached to the heart and climb up ( with the consciousness (chetana)).” Climbing up by holding that tissue was very difficult. Then remembering you I caught hold of that tissue and don’t know how by the kindness of which power I reached a minutely pulsating huge light. I could realize the infiniteness of that huge light. My consciousness or conscious existence was soon separating from this physical body (sthul sharir)  and changing into the infiniteness. I felt as if my area of coverage was going on increasing in the whole world. My limited sight was going on increasing. Along with limitlessness I was also becoming limitless. After touching the infiniteness my consciousness was spreading in all the directions and I was feeling myself to be the same. The far away extreme ends and their immeasurable distance were appearing to be coming in my reach. At that moment the infinite joy had developed inside me. I found myself surrounded with unlimited joy. I saw the complete world being uncovered from its original form. There I saw myself filled with the true and unchanging joy. In the pulsation and vibration of that light  I saw the nucleus and the complete nature also vibrating. In that pulsating light I saw the creation and completion  of many divine worlds and the sun and moon in moments. The process of creation and destruction was going on continuously. The dance of creation and destruction was taking place automatically in the harmony of that light. The creation, development and the complete destruction of the complete universe was under the control of that divine and omnipresent power. At that time I myself had also collected the infiniteness or should I say that the infiniteness had come down on the base of my soul. On this base only I could hear the different forms of SHABD BRAHMA’S “AKAR” sound. Then that sound was sounding in the atom-atom and the complete nature. I am still hearing the sound of  that word. After seeing these scenes and the achievement the power of the lord, I experienced that the creation of the nature was my act. I was the root cause of the rules of the nature. The creation, staying stable and the destruction of the world was happening by me only. I am the only power of LORD and I am the only LORD. Within me echoed “AHAM BRAHMASMI”. No sooner had this echoed I heard your voice saying – “You are not Brahma. The minute hole that you are seeing, get into it with your conscious energy. After reaching there you will yourself will realize the true LORD.” I tried all my best to pass through that minute hole with my conscious but was all in vein. Then when I tried again to enter the minute hole remembering you, I was able to enter that minute hole. You appeared there for a moment and then again disappeared. I was in the great light where there was no pulsation nor the vibration. This great enlightenment was quite, cool and stable. This great light was nothing else but the complete joy itself. I was getting involved in this light so much that I was feeling that I am becoming that joy. There I was enjoying my freedom and devotion as I wished without constraints. I realized this joyful enlightenment was “Raso vai swahh”. Then I hear your voice in that condition only “ This is the 3/4th of nectare(amrut). This is BHUMA. He is the beyond nature, thousand (sahastra) headed (shirsha) man(purush), the infinite joy, beyond thinking and the only truth. He is beyond the truth and lie. A yogi should have this objective to achieve him. This power is
very large (mahavirat).
            This power is giving motion to the creation of the nature, stabilizing it and destruction in the AKSHAR, but itself is away from any kind of motion or pulsation. After reaching here the soul doesn’t get back to the life and death cycle and achieves salvation (amar hona). Consume this infinite joy. This is your country (desh). This thousand headed man (sahastra shirsha purush) is your true life friend (pran sakha).” I was still consuming that joy when I hear your voice saying “Get down now, its time to serve me”. Don’t know which power you used that I came outside.” Saying this Sevavratiji again started getting into the internal world (antarmukh hona). But Swamiji scolded him and again he came in the outside world. Nearby only Sreyanand Sadhu was sitting. Crying he said to Swamiji “You didn’t give me anything”. Swamiji answered him scolding “Where is the feeling of serving inside you that I should give you anything. First you become a suspicionless server(sevak) to Sadguru. Sadguru gives everything to a completely devoted server (sevak). So first become a server (sevak).”
            Then I understood why Swamiji had been so strict and heartless to Sevavrati for so many months and before reaching Vrittikut ashram.
            Now it was time for Swamiji to do his water exercise (jal kriya). Sevavratiji filled water in the tub and Swamiji got into it and became busy with his water exercise and Sevavrati sat enjoying the brahmanand (doing meditation).
            The next day the manager of the cloth mill of Wansda Maharaj in Gujrat arrived at the Vrittikut ashram and did Sashtang Pranam(bowing to Swamiji by lying completely flat on the ground facing the ground and hands stretched ahead over the head touching the ground and both joined at the palms). After he was asked about his well being he told that “Shri. Shardul Sinh Solanki” the manager of the Wansda state and the Maharaj Wansda (King of Wansda) himself and other devotees had been waiting for Swamiji’s arrival. He informed that he was sent to bring Swamiji. He requested Swamiji to take the pain to come with him to Wansda.
            Swamiji asked him to take bath and have food. Then he would talk to him. Manager had his bath, food and rested on a mat. After some time Swamiji sat on his brahma vedi and asked Yoganand to call the manager who was resting in a room near brahma vedi. Yoganand called him and spread a blanket for manager to sit.
            Swamiji said to him “you go back to Wansda. Its very important for me to go to Gaya. After reaching there I will inform you when I will be leaving by Bombay Mail and reach Victoria Terminus (Now its being named as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus), Bombay. If I feel necessary I will inform by telegram also. Tell Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki to be present at the station.”
            Then Swamiji said to me “go and fill water in the tub. Its time for me to do water exercise.” There was no limit of my happiness. Swamiji had given me the  chance to serve him after a long time. I filled water in the tub. Swamiji got into the tub. When he finished his water exercise he asked me to bath him. I filled water in many buckets. When Swamiji completed the bath he again sat on his brahma vedi. It was getting evening. The sun was about to set. The birds had already started to come back to their nest in the mango trees in the ashram. Now the sun had already passed to the extreme west. Orders were given for Swamiji’s arti and vandana (praying to Swamiji). Along with Sevavrati we all did aarti and vandana. Next day the manager before leaving for Wansda bowed to Swamiji and left for Chilkahar station. Sreyanandji also took Swamiji’s permission and left. Swamiji also indicated Sevavrati silently only to go to some unknown place. On getting the indication Sevavrati left. While leaving he cried a lot falling to Swamiji’s feet and holding it.
            After two three days Swamiji called me in the evening and asked me whether everyone had left. Then he told me that we  should leave for Gaya ashram tomorrow morning. Next day morning after Swamiji completed his bath and morning activity I also completed my morning activities and bath and packed our luggage. When Swamiji went to meet Baba Skambh Muni, he told Swamiji to come back early cause Swamiji had to leave for Gujrat also.
            We left for the Chilkahar station much early before sunrise. When we reached the Chilkahar station, the train had just arrived at the platform. The T.T.I had already seen Swamiji. He informed the guard and stopped the train unless and until we had not bought the tickets and boarded the train. After reaching Fefna we caught another train and reached Sonpur junction. From there by a small vehicle we reached the ship yard and crossed the river Ganga and reached the Patna station. There we went on the platform number 6. and I spread a blanket for Swamiji to sit on the bench and my self sat on the other. The train was in the morning 5.00 am. In the morning one hour to the trains arrival, I went and bought the ticket for Gaya. The train departed at 5.00 am in the morning as per its time. When we reached Jahanabad station, the old lady devotee, Sitaram Sinh and many others had come with flowers and garlands to receive Swamiji.  The old lady had informed everyone when Swamiji will be going to Gaya via Jahanabad. On her information only everyone had arrived there. Swamiji had never informed any one about his going from there by letter also. The old lady devotee was aware of all the activities and thoughts of Swamiji in her internal world. She had become one with Swamiji(because of her complete devotion to Swamiji, she knew every activity of Swamiji). One person got into the compartment of Swamiji and informed everyone about Swamiji’s presence in that compartment. Everyone got into that compartment and offered flowers and the garlands to Swamiji and bowed to him there with complete devotion. Then the old lady devotee  gently complained to Swamiji saying “ now you don’t let me sleep at all after 3.00 am in the morning and you ask me to do bhajan by hitting the stick on the ground. With your kindness now the bhajan is happening 24 hours a day. You don’t separate from me from a single moment also.” At that time the train gave the whistle for its departure. Everyone got down the train saying slogans of praise of Swamiji. When the train left the station, many of them didn’t leave the chance of shouting the slogans of praise of Swamiji and ran with the train unless and until the train had not left the platform.
            In Gaya Swamiji had already informed Dr. Radha Krishna about his arrival. When the train reached the station Dr. Radha Krishna, Triveni Babu (Swamiji’s son in law), Harihar Babu etc. and many other respected people bowed (did Sashtang pranam) to Swamiji on Swamiji’s getting down from the train and offered flowers and garland. After coming out of the station we boarded a rikshaw and reached Dr.Radha Krishna’s home. There the arrangement for our staying and resting was made. We had just fnished up with our bath and were sitting when Dr.Radha Krishna bought milk and fruits for Swamiji and some breakfast for me, Harihar Babu and Triveni Babu. Triveni Babu was cloth inspector appointed by government for the whole district of Gaya. Many cloth businessmen were known to him. At that time in cities as well as rural areas, number of government owned cloth shopes were there. With the permission of Triveni Babu, these shops would get the stock of cloth. It was the period of Second World War. The War was creating havoc all over the world during that period. Hitler the dictator of  Germany was planning of  establishing his power in all over the world. Japan was not atall less than that. It was also increasing its limit of attacking. Japan had already captured Singapur, Burma etc.Culcutta had come in its reach very easily. The whole world was burning in the fire of War. When the devotees in Gaya requested Swamiji to say something about the War then Swamiji said few words with very balance. He said “The cruel powers will soon loose in this war.There will be peace in the world soon again. Japan and Germany will face devastating results for their bad deeds.
            When we had reached Dr. Radha Krishna’s home, at that time a cloth businessman had filed a case in the court accusing Mr Triveni Babu of taking bribe from him. The decision of the truth of giving and taking of bribe was in the hands of judge. But as per Mr.Triveni Babu his side in the court was becoming weak and the decision was showing the signs of prolonging. Triveni Babu request Swamiji “Swamiji! On the fourth day from today the decision would be given. I believe the decision would be given against me. I will be punished and along with that I will get a very bad name.” Then Swamiji thought for some time. Then he said to Mr. Triveni Babu “Now onwards there shouldn’t be any kind of negligence. For today only burn esscence sticks and dhup in front of Sadguru’s picture and start reading the lesson of Naam-Shabd. You should read it in the morning and also in the evening. Everything will be alright.”
            Mr.Triveni Babu had started reading Naam-Shabd regularly in the morning and in the evening as told by Swamiji. When the decision was to be given, Mr. Triveni Babu completed the reading in the morning and went to the court. Many people were waiting for the decision. When the judge sat in his chair, he first asked for Mr.Triveni Babu’s papers. After looking at the papers the judge gave the decision in the favour of Mr.Triveni Babu and freed him of all the charges. Along with the decision, he also said “Inspector here, in this case, its God only who has helped you. Your are completely innocent. The businessman who had filed the case didn’t have the courage to go ahead with the case.” Mr.Triveni Babu was very happy and came to Swamiji and offered flowers and garland to Swamiji and also two to three ser (measurement) of sweets made of kesar. Swamiji touched the sweets and told to distribute among everyone. The sweets were distributed among the family members of Dr. Radha Krishna and some to me. Mr.Triveni Babu also took some as prasad and went to market in a rikshaw and bought fruits for Swamiji. Then kind of joking, Swamiji said “The true prasad has been bought for me now by Mr.Triveni Babu.” I washed the fruits and placed in a plate in front of Swamiji. He had some fruits and rest asked to distribute among the family members of Dr.Radha Krishna and the others who were present. Triveni Babu distributed the prasad among everyone. He got more prasad than others. The next day Triveni Babu bought very costly pair of dhoti, cloth for kurta and a towel and handed it over to me. When I looked at Swamiji, he understood my thoughts and asked me to accept it which I did happily and kept it. He also offered some money for the work of preaching of Swamiji’s knowledge (prachar prasar).The money was closed in an envelope. On that day only Swamiji informed Dr.Radha Krishna about his departure to Bombay which was decided before only. Also he ordered him to inform Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki in Gujrat about his departure by telegram. Dr.Radha Krishna went to send the telegram at that moment only.Triveni Babu planning something went along with Dr.Radha Krishna. When Dr. Radha Krishna returned in the evening he had the receipt of telegram. After some time Triveni Babu also arrived. He had also booked two tickets in the first class  on the day when we were about to leave for Bombay. He gave the tickets to Swamiji.
            We had been staying at Dr.Radha Krishna’s house for many days. At night, at around 8.00 pm, a person came from Vishnu Pad to meet Swamiji (to take darshan of Swamiji).He bowed to Swamiji with complete devotion. Also he requested Swamiji to come to his place the next morning. Swamiji accepted his request.
            The next day when Swamiji had finished his bath, the person from Vishnu Pad came to receive Swamiji. He didn’t let Swamiji to even have fruits and milk at Dr. Radha Krishna’s home. We left all our luggage at Dr.Radha Krishna’s house and left with that person to Vishnu Pad in a rikshaw. At his place he had made arrangements in a very big hall. He had placed a bed covered by a bed sheet on a cot for Swamiji. A takiya (a pillow which is cylindrical in shape)  was also placed there. For me, an arrangement was made in one place on a carpet spread for everyone. He bought a big glass of pure milk with kesar added to it due to which the milk had become yellow in color. For me they had bought some salty mixture and sweets of kesar. After having the lunch in the afternoon we started resting. Many people in that surrounding had come to know that Swamiji had come to this man’s house. In the evening at around 4.00 pm some 15 to 20 people gathered there. Swamiji after getting fresh had some juice and I had tea and samosa. One person had bought around one to one and half ser (measurement)  kesar sweets and with lot of joy placed it in front of Swamiji and started requesting Swamiji to have some. Swamiji never use to eat any kind of sweets. Everyone didn’t know this. Swamiji touched those sweets and said “now you distribute the sweets among everyone.” The person who had offered the sweets said “Swamiji you didn’t even eat any, how can it be prasad ? (The remaining of the food or any eatable left by Sadguru is very sacred and is called as prasad)” Swamiji said “Even if I looked at it, it becomes prasad. I have even touched it. This has become Mahaprasad (very sacred )” But still that person was not satisfied and was very depressed. Swamiji understood his feelings and asked him “how much amount of sweets did you bring?”
Overjoyed he said 1 and half ser (measurement). Swamiji said “Go and measure it again from where you had bought these sweets.” After thinking something that person, along with one more person went to the shop to measure it again. The shop was nearby only. When he measured the sweets there, there were around 5 sweets less in them. After thinking something he didn’t say anything to the shop owner. He returned and said to Swamiji “My Lord! I had got those sweets measured in front of myself only. The sweets were measuring 1and half ser only. Here no one has even taken it as prasad and still there are 5 sweets less in the sweets.” The Swamiji said smiling at him “Now also ,you don’t believe me that I had eaten the prasad and had asked you to distribute it in the form of prasad. Now at least you should understand that a yogi even if he sees or touches any eatable it becomes prasad. Now you go and get it measured again”. The person who had bought the sweets went to get it measured again. When he got it measured it was completely 1 and half ser now. Being surprised he told everything to the shop owner and also on returning informed everyone that the sweets were measuring 1 and half ser now. Everyone said this incident to be a miracle of Swamiji. In the evening on that day everyone did the vandana and aarti together (method of doing prayer). After this everyone said Shanti Path( ending prayer) and left for their homes.(during those days sometimes and at some places only, after saying vandana, the aarti and Shanti Path use to be said as a rule). Everyone could not follow the rule of doing aarti but all those who had picture of Swamiji at their homes did do aarti regularly without fail in the morning and in the evening.)
            On that day at night we halted at the house of the devotee from Vishnu Pad. In the early morning only Dr. Radha Krishna arrived at Vishnu Pad. He requested Swamiji saying “Let your journey to Bombay (now Mumbai) start from my home. The reason being that the station is closer to my home. The train Gaya Main arrives at 4.00 am. Even if we leave 30 minutes before the arrival of the train we can reach the station in 15 minutes. You will be leaving day after tomorrow only. Today and tomorrow, you have to stay at my place only.” The brother of Triveni Babu who had come along and also who was an advocate requested saying “Swamiji will stay at my place today and will have breakfast and food at my place only.” Swamiji and Dr. Krishna Prasad both agreed to him. All four of us went to the advocate devotee’s house by a rikshaw where his wife had already been standing with water in big plate of bronze. She along with the advocate devotee washed Swamiji’s feet and they and all the others along with us consumed the sacred water of Swamiji’s feet. After that the arrangement was made for our bathing and refreshing. By the time we had our bath and got fresh it was 10.00 am. At that time food was bought for Swamiji. Me and Dr. Radha Krishna were also asked to sit to have our food. We also got our food plates. After having food Dr. Radha Krishna asked us to come back in the evening and left away. The advocate devotee didn’t go to the court on that day. Triveni Babu also arrived by that time and had his food also. After asking us to come in the evening he too left for his office. Though he wanted Swamiji to stay back at his place, the advocate devotee considering the insistence of Dr. Radha Krishna allowed us to leave with tears in his eyes and also he himself accompanied us to Dr. Radha Krishna’s house. By the time we reached Dr. Radha Krishna’s home it had got dark. No sooner Swamiji sat on the cot, he did the arti and gave him fruit juice to drink. At night at 8.00 pm we did vandana and prayer. After that, after having hour dinner we all went to our place to rest. After we got fresh and had our bath, the whole day some or the other devotee came to seek Swamiji’s blessings. Everyone had got the news that Swamiji would be leaving to Bombay(now named as Mumbai)  the next morning.
            All the devotees felt as if the morning arrived too early. We all also got ready fast and reached the Gaya station 15 minutes before the arrival of the train and waited on platform number 1. The train arrived on time. We all boarded the train in the first class compartment which was in front of us only. There was good crowd for offering flowers and garlands to Swamiji and trying to touch Swamiji’s feet. All the devotees finished it early as the train use to stop only for 8 to 10 minutes during those days. All the devotees had unboarded the train and were waiting on the platform and were saying slogans of Swamiji’s prainse. It was time for the train to leave. The guard also gave the signal. The engine also blew a whistle to caution people about its leaving and started moving. I could see the devotees wiping their tears as Swamiji was leaving.
            When we reached the Victoria Terminus ( now called as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus in  Mumbai) on the third day, there were many people waiting with good fragrance flowers garland and looking at our compartment. When the train halted I called a coolie and placed my luggage on his head. Until then Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki had seen Swamiji. They immediately reached to Swamiji and offered garlands of good fragrance flowers in which Swamiji was soon covered. Apart from all  those who had come to receive Swamiji on the platform, the complete family of Seth Bhagwan Das old and young, except the female members of the family, had arrived. The manager of the cotton mill owned by the King of Wansda State was also waiting with a big garland of flowers. He offered the garland to Swamiji at the end and also offered a bunch of flowers in his hand. I had taken many of the garlands in my hand only, otherwise Swamiji would not have been able to walk because of the weight of the garlands. When we came out of the station, with Swamiji still wearing some of the garlands, Seth Bhagwan Das asked Swamiji and me to sit in one of the two cars (ambassador cars) which was decorated and arranged with good fragrance flowers. Along with us Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki also sat on the front seat in the same car. In the other car, Seth Bhagwand Das himself and his family sat. For rest of the people two more taxies were arranged. In the way I was feeling like laughing a lot. Then Swamiji asked me “ Why are you so happy? Why are you laughing ?” I asked for the forgiveness of Swamiji and said “My lord! The vehicle you are sitting in, has been decorated in such a way as if its meant for the groom.( I said this in Bhojpuri language). Swamiji kept on laughing for a long time covering his mouth with a handkerchief. Within some time we reached No.40, Pedar Road. The only the car took a turn and we were in front of the house of Seth Bhagwan Das. The resting room for Swamiji was made of Marble Stone. The bathroom was also skirted with the marble stone. In that room only a cot made of sandalwood was placed for Swamiji. A bed was placed on it and covered it with a white colored velvet bed sheet. The cover of the load was also of white colored velvet cloth. The curtains that were put on the windows and the doors were also white colored made of velvet. In all the  complete room was decorated in a very luxurious way and comfortable way. For us also (i.e me and the manager of the Wansda Maharaja’s Cotton mill) a comfortable and luxurious room was arranged. When we got ready after having our bath, Swamiji was offered dry fruits and a silver glass full of milk mixed  with kesar and were also offered milk and halva made by lot of dry fruits and  cardamom. After having our breakfast we went to our room to sleep and Swamiji also rested. In the afternoon we four were taken to a room for lunch. Our place for sitting was arranged there on different mats. Small wooden square stools were provided upon which the plates could be placed. Then in silver plates, bowls and dishes some variety of delicious food was served. After having our dinner we went to rest in our rooms.
            In the evening at 5.00 pm when we went to Swamiji, he was ready after having a face wash and was fresh. He didn’t have any signs of tiredness on his face. The servant of the Merchant Bhagwan Das bought a sliver glass full  of grape juice for Swamiji. We were offered some light, salty mixture and delicious tea. Then a boy came who was suppose to be the son of Merchant Bhagwan Das, and took us to the flower garden. There in the garden under the champa flower tree a rest chair was placed for Swamiji and for us a thick carpet was spread. Swamiji sat on the rest chair. After living manager with Swamiji, I took Swamiji’s permission and left with Shardul Sinh Solanki to see the garden. There were many different flowers in the garden measuring about 2x5/8 acres of land (2 biga). There were many seasonal flowers also. The natures beauty could be seen there, with the butterflies enjoying the company of the flowers. I was feeling overjoyed with this natures beauty with so many beautiful flowers and butterflies enjoying. There were blue and white colored lotus flowers also. The gardener had cut the plants in order to give them different shapes of animals in order to improve the beauty of the garden. By arranging the stones in a creative way and making water flow through them, a very beautiful water fall was created. There were water fountains at many places. There was lighting arrangements near each fountain. These fountains added the beauty to the garden. Due to the presence of the cardamon plants, there was sweet smell in the surrounding. There were many different colored fishes in the ponds.  Most parts of the garden could be seen from the rooms we were staying in. During those days we had opened all the windows facing the garden during the night. We were already fallen in love with the beauty of the garden, but also loved the breeze which would come from the south side without invitation, and would leave back the fragrance of the flowers that it would bring with it from the garden. We felt as if it would come again and again to welcome us. Next day Shri. Shardul Sinh Solanki decided the date of Swamiji’s arrival in Wansda and left to make proper arrangements for Swamiji’s stay over there.
            After staying for two days at merchant Bhagwan Das’s residence, on the third day along with Swamiji we all left for Wansda state. Our ticket was already booked in the first class compartment. Merchant Bhagwan Das had himself come to see off Swamiji in his vehicle at the Victoria Terminus railway station ( now know as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus ). When we boarded the train and the train left, then Merchant Bhagwan Das left the platform. After passing through many stations finally the train reached the Wansda station where there were around 20 to 25 people along with Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki, who was holding a very big garland to offer Swamiji. When Swamiji got down the train he offered the garland to Swamiji and shouted the slogan of praise for Swamiji saying “Sadguru bhagwan ki jai”. Everyone participated in saying the slogans of praise of Swamiji and showered flowers on him. There was a bus outside the station which was decorated with flowers. A chair like that of sofa was placed in it. Swamiji sat on and we all sat on bench kind of chairs. All the villages that came in the way to Wansda, the villagers from those villages had made toran in front of their houses and showered flowers on Swamiji through the windows when he passed their homes and bowed to Swamiji with complete devotion and shouted the slogans of praise for Swamiji. Shri Solanki would halt in such villages for around 10 minutes. People would shower flowers on Swamiji, say the slogans of praise and bow to him with devotion and feel themselves very blessed to have Swamiji’s blessings. In this way, the journey of one hour was covered in some few hours. When Swamiji had reached Wansda the roads were sprayed with water to keep the dust settled. The toran entrance (festoon entrance) that were created at different places caught the attention of every person. All the people standing in front of their houses would shout the slogans of praise for Swamiji and would shower the flowers on him. Many women had climbed up on the terrace of their houses and would say the slogans of praise for Swamiji and shower flowers from their. They would sing the Mangal Gan from their terrace. The women who were walking behind the bus of Swamiji were also singing the Mangal Gan while walking behind. Slowly slowly the crowd was going on increasing. 

Every one wanted to see and seek Swamiji’s blessings somehow. In the end Shri Solanki came out with an idea. He placed 3 to 4 cots one over the other and requested Swamiji to sit on the upper most cot. He himself also climbed the cot and stood beside Swamiji. Swamiji after climbing the top most cot stood there and lifted his hands to give blessings to everyone. Almost everyone got to see Swamiji and seek his blessings. After this, Shri Solanki humbly requested everyone to leave. After seeking the blessings of Swamiji the crowd had reduced a lot. Then Swamiji and Shri Solanki got down and went to the place which was arranged only for Swamiji to stay. Mine and Manager’s arrangement was made just near  Swamiji’s place. We had already got fresh having bath in Mumbai only. So Swamiji had just washed his face did water process (jal neti). For Swamiji, two glasses of juice and a glass of milk with kesar was bought. But Swamiji took only the juice. Shri Solanki and Manager had shira(halwa) and a glass of milk. And I had shira and a glass of milk with kesar.
            The next day after getting fresh having our bath and when we got ready, we all went to a big hall where Swamiji was requested to sit. There around 150 men and women had gathered to do the ritual, in a systematic line. Everyone had a small plate in their hands. The plate had roli(a mixture of lime and turmeric powder used for auspicious occations) and akshat(rice) and flowers. Swamiji ordered to allow everyone to come one by one to do the ritual. Then everyone, one by one, would come, offer water over Swamiji’s right feet’s thumb, apply the roli, shower the akshat and flowers and considering themselves to be most blessed would  then leave. The water that would be offered on Swamiji’s right feet’s thumb was being collected in a big copper plate and everyone would take a little of that holy water for themselves while leaving. This continued to 4 to 5 days regularly. Due to daily the thumb being washed and being applied the roli by around 150 devotees, the skin of the thumb had become moist and was hurt. So then this ritual was stopped as it was hurting Swamiji. For next 5 days, Swamiji was giving his amrutwani (speech) from 7.00 in the evening to 9.00 at night. A big crowd would come regularly. During Swamiji’s amrutwani, the king of Wansda and also the prince would come. Though they would sit there for 15 to 20 minutes but still they came their regularly. In the end Swamiji informed Shri Solanki that he would like to leave for Mumbai the next day. From Mumbai, he had thought of going to Pune, Panchavati in Nasik and other places. Their the arrangements should be done before only. Swamiji told that he wanted to go to Pune first. There he would stay for 2 days. And in the other places, the time of staying was yet not decided.
            The next day when we left for the station, there was more crowd seen on the way to see Swamiji and seek his blessings. From Wansda Swamiji was going to the station in a open jeep. That is why everyone was able to see Swamiji easily and seek his blessings. The women and children were able to see Swamiji from their terrace tops. Because of their showering of the flowers the jeep was getting filled by the flowers. From many far places, people had come to see and seek the blessing of Swamiji. They would seek Swamiji’s blessing and shout the slogans of Swamiji’s praise. Hundreds of hands would shower flowers on Swamiji and shout the slogans of praise of Swamiji saying “Sadguru Bhagawan ki jai”. Soon we arrived the Wansda station. For Swamiji, Shri Sonlanki and four others, the ticket of the first class compartment was bought. When we were in the station there was a big crowd of devotees who had come to see off Swamiji. When the train left the complete station was echoing with the slogans of Swamiji’s praise.
            When the train reached the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai (now known as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus) Merchant Bhagwan Das was already waiting there. When Swamiji got down the train he bowed to Swamiji with complete devotion. His vehicle was waiting outside the station. He had himself drived the vehicle and bought to the station. When we all got into the vehicle he drove the vehicle over the Pedar Road no.40 and soon reached his home. Our room was well prepared as before. Now it was  evening time. In the garden, below a tree, a big carpet was spread for Swamiji to do his exercise. There only a glass of orange juice was also placed for all of us. After having the juice, Swamiji started doing his yoga exercises. We all started going around the garden, collecting the various kinds of flowers that were there in the garden, so that we could offer a large collection of flowers in the feet of Swamiji.
            When Swamiji completed his exercise, he called me. We all three understood that Swamiji would have his bath now. We all went to Swamiji and offered the huge collection of flowers in the feet of Swamiji and spread it around. Swamiji sat there in a very happy state. Then he asked me to keep his clothes in the bathroom. He said he also wanted to finish his bath now. I kept his clothes in the bathroom and then Swamiji went in. After he came out of the bathroom, after having his bath, I washed his clothes and put them for drying on a rope tied outside. Swamiji after getting to his room, started discussing about his halting preparation in Pune and Nasik with Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki. At that time Shri Bhagwan Das also arrived. He said that he has a Maharashtrian friend, whome he would inform by post on that same day. He also said that he would phone him when Swamiji would leave and also give a letter with the name and address of that friend to us. He also said that the arrangements in Panchavati, Nasik will also be done through a Brahmin who came to his house daily to do the Rudrabhishek. There was nothing to worry about it. Then he expressed his wish to know, when Swamiji would like to go to these places. Swamiji asked him to tell after 10 to 12 days. Shri Bhagwan Das got a letter written by his friend to post it  and also informed us that he would phone his friend the same day and left to make the arrangements for our lunch. After sometime his servant came and took us to the dining hall. The arrangements were made as before, and the food was served in the silver plates. The glasses were also made of silver. The food was of Gujarati style, which is usually sweet in taste. We like the food very much. But I saw Swamiji didn’t like the sweet food. I asked Swamiji whether he didn’t like the food. Swamiji didn’t say anything. So I went into the kitchen and informed the cook, not to make sweet food for Swamiji but he could make the same for us and also told him that the food was very tasty. In the night Shri Bhagwan Das called up his friend in Pune and gave brief introduction of Swamiji. Luckily the friend was at home. He said that the arrangements will be done for Swamiji at his house only and also the arrangements for Swamiji’s lecture will also be done. He asked to call him back after two days.
            The next day, when the Brahmin Pandit came to Shri Bhagwan Das’s home to do the Rudrabhishek, he talked to him after he completed the puja. The pandit said that there is a temple of Chandra Mauleshwar, where his younger brother teaches veda to students. There are many rooms available in the surrounding of the temple. There is also a guest room over there. Whichever Swamiji likes, can be arranged accordingly. It will be easily available for at least a week. The arrangements for the food will also be done on behalf of the temple.He said he will write a letter to his brother. When Swamiji would leave, he will give the letter in his brother’s name to Swamiji also.
            Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki prepared a good strategy of number of programmes in various cities and handed over to Swamiji. He had also specified the detail address of all of those locations. Along with it he had also specified the details about the staying there and food arrangements. He had got this typed properly and handed over to Swamiji. It gave the information about, where Swamiji has to halt and for how long, where he has to give his lectures etc. He also told Swamiji that he would send letters to the people whome he  knew in those places. He got those letters ready and sent them by registered post. After doing all this, on the third day Shri Solanki requested Swamiji to come back again and left to Victoria Terminus station to leave for Wansda.
            After Shri Solanki left for Wansda the complete family of Merchant Bhagwan Das took the updesh from Swamiji. Swamiji gave the second stage updesh to the eldest son of Merchant Bhagwan Das whose name was Rasik Bhai. Rasik Bhai or Rasik lal did the meditation regularly for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening with interest. Daily after coming from his office he never forgot to stay with Swamiji. He also requested Swamiji to give the second stage updesh to his parents also. By this Swamiji was very happy on him.
            Swamiji use to do his daily yogic exercises (like bandh, mudra etc) exercises in the evening below the champak flower tree(mischelia champaca)and also he would give his lecture in the evening at 7.00 pm under the same tree. During that period the family of Merchant Bhagwan Das would be present but also some famous people from Mumbai would also attend the lecture.
            On the 14th day of coming to Mumbai from Wansda, Swamiji was as usual after having his bath, was sitting under the champak tree on a rest chair. In front of him, a big carpet was spread and on that carpet one more costly carpet was spread. There were two to three good resting chairs also placed in the surrounding. The complete family of Merchant Bhagwan Das was also sitting near Swamiji. That moment, two ambassador cars arrived. From one car, the king of Wansda and Shri Solanki got down and from the other car around four of king’s friends got down. They directly came near Swamiji and stood there. Swamiji also recognized the king of Wansda and got up. The king of Wansda bowed to Swamiji with complete devotion and started insisting Swamiji to take his place. Swamiji also insisted the king of Wansda to take his seat. But the kind didn’t sit instead he holding Swamiji’s hand insisted him to sit down on the chair. He himself along with his friends sat down on the carpet in front of Swamiji. When he sat down everyone also sat down on the carpet. Immediately Merchant Bhagwan Das got the Musambi juice for everyone in the silver glass except for the king. But in the end on the insist of Swamiji he also had some juice.
            At that moment only a miracle happened. The champak tree, below which Swamiji was sitting, some 10 to 15 flowers from that tree fell on Swamiji’s feet. Two to four flowers also fell on his head and some in his laps also. The yellow colored champak flowers is very strong in fragrance. That is why the fragrance immediately spread in the surrounding. Whereas the these flowers are seasonal, they fell in the period when the season was not for the blooming of the champak flowers. Being overjoyed, Merchant Bhagwan Das collected all the flowers that fell on Swamiji and distributed among all the people present over there. All the flowers were very fresh and full of fragrance.
            In excitement Merchant Bhagwan Das said “Fifteen years back I planted this champak tree when it was very small. Since I had planted the tree, it had never given flowers. But today miracle has happened as it has given flowers, and that too when its not the season for such plants to give flowers. I feel this has been possible only due to this holy and divine Swamiji.” Then Rasik Bhai and the remaining family looked up at the tree and said “Bapu, see up to the tree a bit! There are so many flowers in the tree.” The king and all the others bowed to Swamiji with devotion and praised Swamiji. Shri Solanki got emotional and started crying. Merchant Bhagwan Das asked Swamiji “My Lord! How is this possible?”
            Swamiji said “The place where the discussions are done related to Brahma Vidya and Brahma, the environment of that place becomes very pure and clean. The spiritual energy starts working there and all the obstructions, and unwanted energies are destroyed. I gave lectures on spirituality daily under this tree. That’s why the complete environment in this place became pure. When nature also was in our favor then how could this tree be without flowers?”
            In this joyful moment Merchant Bhagwan Das distributed dry fruits in a big dish and requested everyone to have it as their evening snacks. He looked at the king of Wansda as if he was requesting him to have some, when the king took some 4 pieces of dry fruits and ate them and said to Merchant Bhagwan Das “Now I hope you are happy”.
It was getting late for the king of Wansda, so after taking Swamiji’s permission, he left. Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki went to leave him up to Pedar Road and came back.
            On the third day from this day of miracle, Shri Shardul Sinh Solanki and Merchant Bhagwan Das came to leave us to Victoria Terminus station as we were suppose to leave for Pune and Nasik. When we reached the station Merchant Bhagwan Das remembered that he didn’t give the letter and  address containing the pandit’s brothers address where Swamiji was suppose to stay in Panchavati in Nasik. When he informed Swamiji about this, Swamiji smiled at him and said to him “Yesterday only your son gave me the address of pandit’s brother and the letter both. You don’t have to worry.”
            When the train for Pune arrived at the station, we three boarded the first class compartment. Merchant Bhagwan Das and Shri Solanki, bowed to Swamiji and slowly got down the train when it started. Merchant Bhagwan Das had given us a container of oranges. In the way I gave juice of oranges to Swamiji. We also enjoyed some of the oranges. In the same compartment in which we had boarded, an English Gentleman was also present. We insisted him especially and offered 14 to 15 oranges to him. When we arrived at the Pune station, the gentleman shook hands with Swamiji and us too and thanked us many times and left away. At that time, a man came near us and asked us “are you coming from Merchant Bhagwan Das? Yesterday night he called me on my phone and told about your arrival.” Manager told him that we were the same people about whome  he was informed. We also handed over the letter and the address give to us. He took us to his home and after we got fresh he offered us the food. The food was made of the crushed pieces of roti made of bajra from ghee and sugar and curry’s of different vegetables were served in different small bowls. I politely informed him that Swamiji doesn’t take sugar and items made from sugar. He immediately replaced the roti of bajra made from sugar and ghee with ordinary roti of bajra and ghee in different bowl. Then he also gave some rice and kadhi. Then after having our food we went into a room to have rest.
            We use to keep the printed advertisement of the introduction of Swamiji and his knowledge. Whenever we would go for programme in different places then we would distribute the same advertisements. Also we also carried a white flag with the letter “A” written on it(the first alphabet of the Hindi language). The advertisements didn’t have the address. As and when required we would enter the address of the Swamiji’s programme. The place that was arranged by the house owner of the house in which we are halting, that place’s address was entered on the advertisements and distributed in the various schools, to student, teachers and many intellectual persons. Next day, from 7.00 am in the morning, the programme was arranged.Very few ordinary people came in the lecture hall but many intellectual people who were wearing pagadi on head had come. When Swamiji came on stage, many paper chits having different questions were placed in front of Swamiji. Usually most of the chits had the questions on veda (the holy scriptures of Hindu). Swamiji replied to all the people, intellectual and people asking questions that he would answer all their questions after his lecture. The people present there accepted it. Then Swamiji gave a brief lecture on yoga and then started answering the questions. But the people started trying to get Swamiji involved into argument. Swamiji told the people present “I am a yogi. I give lectures on yoga. I have the right to give updesh on yoga(teach the technique of meditation). It will be better if you people ask questions on my topic only.” But the people were curious to involve Swamiji into arguments and wining and loosing game. From the people who were present there, someone said to Swamiji that if he couldn’t answer their questions then fine they would leave. No sooner these people started to go away, immediately all of them started shivering heavily and all of them fell to ground. Again when they tried to get up and leave, the same situation they faced.  Then Swamiji smiled at them and said “ When I wish, then only you can go. Other wise I will keep you in this situation for next 24 hours.” Then these people who wanted to involve Swamiji into arguments realized their mistake and started requesting for Swamiji’s forgiveness and removing the effect of his powers. The most kind Swamiji immediately removed the effect of his powers. All the people bowed to Swamiji and asked for his forgiveness. After that those people safely went out of the lecture hall. They were thanking GOD while leaving the hall. We also happily left the place along with the Merchants friend who had arranged for our stay. The merchants friend told Swamiji that those people were very proud of themselves and he did a good thing by teaching them a lesson. But this news will soon spread throughout the city and it will become difficult to control the crowd.  Swamiji said “Now I also don’t want to stay here. If there is any train to go to Nasik or Panchavati tonight then we would leave.” He told Swamiji that there is a train in the evening which goes to Mumbai. From there we could catch another train for Nasik. We did the same. After having the lunch in the afternoon the Merchant’s friend took updesh from Swamiji along with his complete family. Then in the evening we left for Mumbai by the train.
            From Mumbai we reached Nasik Road railway station and from there we went to Panchavati. Then as per the address given to us by the Pandit of Merchant Bhagwan Das, we went to the Pandit’s brothers place at Chandramauleshwar temple. There he had already arranged for our stay in a very clean room. He had been already informed by letter by his Pandit brother in Pune. The next day we went to see the place where Laxman had cut the nose and ear of sister of demon king Ravana and also the place from where Ravana had kidnapped Sita as per Ramayana. Then Swamiji told us that actually this is not the exact place where these things had happened. It is a place which is 2 farlang (distance measuring unit) far away from here. Now the sun was at the peak. So Swamiji suggested to go back. When we came back the food was ready for us. After having food we came to our rooms and rested. Then in the evening we went on the banks of river Godavari. There under a big and old Peepal tree we spread a blanket for Swamiji. Swamiji started doing his exercises of yoga. We were sitting nearby only when he was doing his exercises. While we were returning we saw a very young lady sanyasini roaming around in the vicinity of the banks of Godavari river. After seeing Swamiji she came to him and asked him where was he staying. I bowed to her and told the place of staying. She said she will come tomorrow and again started roaming.
            In the evening Swamiji said he was not feeling well and had some fever. When I checked his forehead it had some temperature. So he didn’t have food in the evening and slept.  The next day we went to the same place under the peepal tree on the banks of the river Godavari. There we spread the blanket for Swamiji. After completing his yoga exercises he went in the river and completed his pedu bath (standing in water upto waist for some time). We also completed our bath in the same river and returned to the temple where we were halting. Swamiji was offered the cow’s milk. He had the milk but didn’t have food during the day. We started rubbing Swamiji’s base portion of the feets with the cloth. That time the sanyasini lady whome we had met in the evening arrived there. On seeing her Swamiji got up and sat. The lady wanted to discuss about yoga with Swamiji. Then Swamiji indicated me to start talking to the lady. Then she “what does he know about yoga? I wont talk with him.  I want to talk to you.” very impolitely with Swamiji. When Swamiji saw that she was not at all ready to talk to me then he said to her “ I know every thing about your past. You shouldn’t be too proud of yourself.”  Then she said “ If you know everything about me tell me.”  Then Swamiji said “ Do you want me to ask these people to leave or should I tell everything in front of them?” Then with a little bit of hesitance she said “yeah please ask them to leave.” Then Swamiji asked us to leave which we did and sat in the verandah nearby.  Swamiji was telling her something for about 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes the lady would cry and wipe her tears with the handkerchief. But we were unable to hear Swamiji’s voice. In the end Swamiji called us. When we went, we say the lady was feeling very sad and sorrow and while leaving the lady bowed to Swamiji with devotion and left away . As long as we stayed in the temple, that lady didn’t come back. But she did come to the temple of Shiv or Hanuman and would give lectures on Geeta in the evening at 5.00 pm. And there would be a lot of crowd to listen to her lecture.
            On the fourth day Swamiji didn’t have any fever. He talked about going to Trimbakeshwar from there. We had our bath and left for bus stand. I don’t remember whether we went to bus stand by rikshaw or horse cart. The bus going to Trimbakeshwar was ready at the bus stand. As far as I remember, the bus reached Trimbakeshwar in less than 2 hours. When we reached Trimbakeshwar we came to know that on the top of the highest mountain there, there was a temple of Gautam Rishi. We were told that it was steep but if we wanted we could go there. But we didn’t go there. We halted in a dharamshala only and headed some potatoes in the coal fire and crushed them and made chokha of it and ate it with chapatti. After having some rest we came back to bustand and left for Panchavati. Within few hours we were in Chandramauleshwar temple in Panchavati. At that time a puja was being performed with the mantras from veda. The syncronised spelling of the mantras by number of students, caused the experience of the heaven. After they had finished the puja Swamiji called the head pujari and told him his wish of returning back to Mumbai. With lot of sorrow in his heart, after listening to Swamiji’s wish, the pujari sent a letter to his brother who conducted the regular rudrabhishek at merchant Bhagwan Das, asked for forgiveness for any of his mistakes from Swamiji, bowed to Swamiji and left.
            We went to Nasik Road and caught a train to Mumbai. At C.S.T station, we saw Rasik Bhai waiting with eager. As soon as Swamiji came out of the train, he offered garland of flowers to Swamiji and bowed to Swamiji by lying on the ground with his face and stomach flat on the ground (this is known as sashtang pranam. Pranam means bowing to Swamiji.)After coming out of station we got into his vehicle and reached his home. After getting fresh, Swamiji called Rasik Bhai and asked him “how did you know that we are coming?” He said “On sitting in meditation, I would see everything about your where abouts, see whome you are talking to and also hear what you are talking and also I could see everyone,s picture in the meditation.” After saying this he described us about everything when we stayed in Nasik, about Panchavati, the banks of Godavari, the peepal tree, our meeting with the young sanyasini etc. He also said “You only gave me the information about your arrival by words. It was your voice only.”
            After staying for about two days at Merchant Bhagwan Das’s home we left for Baroda in Gujrat. Though Swamiji was unwell, he continued his journey as per the schedule. There was a monastery of Kabir sect in Siyarambagh. During that period the head of the monastery was Pandit Motidas. When we reached there, he was informed about Swamiji’s arrival. He was well aware of Swamiji’s name. He came running to Swamiji and greeted Swamiji saying “Sahab Bandagi”( as per the way the greeting is done in Kabir sect) and took us to the guest room. After we got into the guest room, Pandit Motidas called a servant and asked him to bring fruits and milk for Swamiji. For us, the servant bought salty mixture and some sweats. We had light snacks. In the night Swamiji expressed his wish to go to Ahmedabad to Pandit Motidas. Pandit Motidas insisted Swamiji to stay for that day atleast. But Swamiji explained the importance of his programme and did not accept his request. Pandit Motidas presented two, three gifts to Swamiji. Along with that, he also gifted Swamiji a dhoti, cloth for kurta, towel and a shawl. He also gifted some amount of money in an envelope to Swamiji. After some time Swamiji told us that he had gifted Rs.201.     
            When we left for Baroda station, Pandit Motidas came to leave us. When we reached Ahmedabad, we went to Mr. Eshwar Das’s home (at Elis bridge). A letter informing about Swamiji was already sent to Mr.Eshwar Das by Mr.Solanki. Wherever Mr.Solanki had arranged Swamiji’s programme, he had already sent the letter informing about Swamiji and had also given the list of addresses of these places, typed in a paper to Swamiji. That is why wherever we went, we didn’t face any inconvenience. We had reached Mr.Eshwar Das’s home at around 8.00 pm. When he got the news of Swamiji’s arrival, he himself came to receive Swamiji. We were taken to a guest room, which was cleaned and well furnished. That guest room was for Swamiji only. We (myself and manager) were allotted a different room which was near to Swamiji’s room only. Due to early information of Swamiji’s arrival, the food was already prepared. After getting fresh, we all had our dinner and slept. Next day in the morning, Mr.Eshwar Das bought his daughter around 18 years of age and other servants and got them updesh from Swamiji and also he himself also took the updesh after them. He also presented some amount in a closed envelop as fees (guru dakshina) to Swamiji. After having breakfast we expressed our wish to see Mahatma Gandhiji’s Sabarmati Ashram. Mr. Eshwar Das called his driver and told him to show Swamiji, the ashram, in his Ambassador car. We went to the ashram in his car and saw it. We saw the personal room of Mahatma Gandhiji, his clothes which were kept in a cupboard, there was a spinning wheel which he used to spin the cotton thread, bundles of spinned cotton yarn. At that time Gandhiji was not in the ashram. After seeing all this, we returned back to Mr.Eshwar Das’s home. It was lunch time, so we had our lunch and went to our rooms and had rest.
            In the night after having dinner, Mr.Eshwar Das along with his daughter and a servant came to Swamiji’s room. He and his daughter sat on the chairs placed in the room. By that time I also reached there. Mr.Eshwar Das started saying “Swamiji! As a child I have only this daughter. In her very young age, her mother expired. Since then even after tremendous pressure of second marriage, I didn’t do second marriage and with the help of a woman care taker(aya) I bought her up. With your kindness, I wish my daughter’s marriage be arranged without any obstructions. If this happen I will hand over everything to them and devote myself in concentrating to God.”
            Swamiji said “You keep doing your meditation regularly in the morning and in the evening. Daughter should also do the same regularly. The one who remembers God with devotion and faith, God completes his work himself.”
            The next day Swamiji called Mr.Eshwar Das and told him that we wish to go to “King Sayala”. He told that the King of Sayala state had expired some time back only. His only son, the prince of Sayala, is taking care of the entire property and is also very spiritual and serves  Cow also. He said “I will leave you in my vehicle. His property is very small but is respected in all the places. I will enquire on phone about his where about.” When he enquired on phone, we came to know that he was waiting for Swamiji’s arrival only. When we reached the place of Prince Sayala, one of the two gunmen, went and informed him about Swamiji’s arrival. The prince himself came to the entrance to receive Swamiji and with lot of devotion and respect, he took us to a very good and furnished hall. First of all, three glasses of silver with mosambi juice was offered to us. After that we were taken to the dining hall. There in the silver plate we were offered different varities of eatable along with the roti of bajra. He himself also had food along with Swamiji and took us to the rest room. After some time he himself came to Swamiji and told him that we needed to go out. A cart had been arranged. When we all four sat in the horse cart,  which had four horses, started moving like wind, and we soon reached the place where the cows were kept. When we went inside, the prince told that right now there were 500 cows of good breed. Among them, more that 400 cows give milk. He said “I myself come here, and serve these cows daily. Extra milk is sold out. The purchaser comes here only to buy the milk. Due to the selling of the milk, the kingdom also gets good earning.” Seeing his spiritual nature and respect and devotion to cows, Swamiji was very happy. When we reached back to Prince’s place, Mr.Eshwar Das had come by his ambassador car from Ahmedabad to receive Swamiji. When the prince saw him getting down from his car, he ran to him and embrassed him with happiness and complained that he didn’t even give one night chance of serving Swamiji. The prince took all of us to the rest room and offered us very delicious sree khand of kesar ( eatable made from milk ). We never had so delicious sree khand before. The when we were about to leave he came down up to the car to see us off and handed over a velvet bag to Mr. Eshwar Das and touched Swamiji’s feets with complete dedication and with folded hands, requested Swamiji to come back again.
            When we reached back at Mr.Eshwar Das home, after getting fresh, Mr.Eshwar Das came to Swamiji started saying “Swamiji! After you went to meet the prince of Sayala, the son of the family, to whome I was planning my daughter to get married, had come themselves over here, asked for the forgiveness for the mistakes they had done and offered the fingure ring to my daughter, some amount of money and some sarees and have accepted to marry my daughter. This is all due to your kindness and blessings. Now I have to go to the grooms place and discuss the remaining things. There is good time after one week for the marriage. I request you to kindly wait until then.” But Swamiji did not accept his request due to his scheduled programme. But Swamiji told him not to fear and do the meditation regularly. Mr. Eshwar Das gave the bag that the prince had given him and told Swamiji that the prince had given the bag to give to Swamiji only. He requested Swamiji to accept it and also offered Swamiji Rs.51 in the joy of his daughter marriage being fixed. Then after this Swamiji told him that the next day we had to go to Baruch. The train was at night from Ahmedabad station. So asked him to arrange for his departure. He assured Swamiji that he would arrange for Swamiji’s departure on time.
            In the night, Mr. Eshwar Das arranged for our dinner early only and had given some amount of meva, which he said can be eaten in the journey. When it was the time to leave, he took his ambassador car and came to leave us at the station. On reaching the station he got 3 first class compartment tickets. The after boarding us in the train he offered Swamiji a closed envelop and while crying he said “ Because of you my daughters marriage has been arranged and its because of you that my problems have been solved. When you come here again, kindly purify my hut again by coming again. Soon the train started moving and Mr. Eshwar Das was soon left behind on the station.
            When we reached Baruch station, it was early morning. The sun was about to spread his light all over soon. After coming out of the station we hired a horse cart to go to Kabir vat. This place was around5 to 6 miles from the station. Swamiji said “ you give me your blanket from the bag, and go ahead in the cart. I will come walking to the Kabir vat.” I was wondering why Swamiji is preferring to come walking to so long distance. But it was Swamiji’s order, I had to accept it. When we reached Kabir vat, we were amazed to see the massive spread  of the banyan tree (here vat means the tree). From distance it was appearing like a small mountain. I said to manager “ Swamiji will be reaching soon. You go and get some water from the Narmada river in a mug. I will spread a blanket for Swamiji over here.” He went to the Narmada river, which was nearby only, to get the water. I started spreading the blanket for Swamiji. After getting some water, from the river he informed me that Swamiji was already doing his exercises there under a banyan tree. In the way we didn’t even see Swamiji and the horse cart was suppose to reach here before him. By walking how could he reach first ? When I reached near Swamiji, he asked me to bring the mug. By calling loudly from there only, I asked manager to bring the mug, Swamiji’s clothes. After doing the exercises, Swamiji went to attend his natures call. I broke some roots of the banyan tree which everyone knows they come from the branches, and went to Swamiji. Swamiji cleaned his teeth with it, had his bath and changed his clothes and came back and sat on the blanket that was spread under the tree.

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