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(As told to me at Munshibagh on the bank of Ganga at Prayag. The last word of Sri Sadguru Deo.)
1. Swami ji had prophesied of his renunciation of his bodily form at Sadguru-house at Garwar,  
    six month earlier.
2.He had said at Vishnu's Prasad's Dharmashala at Balia on the occasion of the full moon of
  Kartika that he had now only three months more to live and that his body had not been
   keeping fit.
3.He had said at Garwar that there were six months left for the Kumbha and that all Kumbhas
   will consummate in this Kumbha. All the stars and planets are congregating here for once on one occasion.
4.These are his literal words which I consider to be important to be recorded here verbatim.  
   These were spoken to me .
                                                                                                          Dharam Chandra Deo
                                                                                                          Munshibagh, Prayag
                                                                                                               1924 (A.D.)
  1. I shall live only for six months more (At Garwar).
  2. I am yet to decide (At garwar).
  3. Only three months more now (At Garwar).
  4. Abig change is coming about. You must stand on your feet (Extract from a letter from
  5. The body is not keeping fit; everything  seems to be in a quandary. You will be needed in
      the end (In the Pucca cave at Prayag).
  6. What now remaining there to tell you? The Acharya will have to adhere steadfastly to my
       principles and codes of conduct, and then only the mission can be propagated.
  7. I have written a book codifying rules to be observed by you and other Acharyas who will
      come after you. Read that. To live within code is a great thing.
  8. You may either get it printed or keep it with you. I have written it.
  9. The Acharya has a very high position. He is the steward of the universe.
 10. I gave the right to enlighten  people.
 11. It is with great penance and toil that I have earned this treasure. You will preserve and
       protect it.
 12. You will preach Sar-Sabda only to those of your devotees whom you will find deserving.
 13. I have given away lavishly, you preach discerningly.
 14. Sermons are not for commoners. They are meant for those who deserve them.
 15. When ever I call you, you must not delay. There is not much time. You may not have the
       audience again.
 16. How God had created this spectable? This had been so after a great deal of penance and
 17. A snap must be taken of this moment. I shall bequeath the stewardship of this mission to
     you on the bank of Ganga here at this moment. There must,therefore, be a photograph of
    this occasion. This will an important purpose later on.
 18. I am here, you are here. What a scene? The Life-force will disappear. The whole will
 19. What a great benediction of God you could attain Guruship at such an early age.
 20. Now is the time when you are needed. My need is no longer being felt.
 21. A generation  had ended and another begun. What a miracle of God!
 22. Everything was accomplished in an early age. It is only the body which is bound in years,
       knowledge can dawn at any stage of life.
 23. It is stupendous work. There is much work to be done and supervised. The commentry on
       the Bijak which is still under print, must be printed.
 24. Now it is you alone who to do everything. you have to attend to everything.
 25. Tell me whether you will propagate the misson. Then only I will leave the body in peace.
       Otherwise I will continue to be in distress.
 26. I have not concealed anything from you. You have known everything, Is there anything left
       for me to tell you.
 27. The Swarveda is a compilation of principles wherein I have written everything. The only
       thing now is to propagate. (Swami Ji had uttered these words in deep and serene mood.
 28. I did not conceal anything from you. I told you everything (The other day also). what more
       is there for me to tell you.
 29. All my knowledge flowed into you. You have followed everything, What I wanted you to
       know. The entire flow of knowledge passed into you. Others have fled away and ruined
 30. What is the dearth? (Swami Ji said this when a feeling of dearth arose in me). Whatever
       has been lost has been lost by me. So long as I continued in this body, you will feel  
       something missing, The moment I leave it all my knowledge, all my force shall flow into you
       and there will be dearth whatsoever. You will always find something lacking so long as I
       am in this frame.
 31. It is the same unique flow which will pass into you. Then all dearths will disappear. Where
       is the dearth?
 32. One attain the position of a Guru only when the direct stream of knowledge of the Guru
        f lows into him. This state cannot ne had through external knowledge.
 33. I have everything right. Now it is for you to take care of it all. It will be allright in course of
       time. There is no cause of worry. The entire flow of knowledge and all devine powers will
       converge into you completely within period of three years.
 34. You will be worshipped after three years and all powers will flow into you.The scene of
       flow of Prana through Sushumna will visible in devoted disciples.
 35. The Acharya behaves in a manner differnt from others. You are not the same that you were
       before. The rector of the Guru is now going to flow into you.
 36. You are the only two before me, who have to do everything now. (Swami Ji spoke these
       wo these words in the presence of Bhuvneshwar Babu)
 37. It is only the devotees who do everything. But you do not know all this yet. This is a lack
       of knowledge and Satasang in you. He needs to be guided.
 38. I am passing into the ocean of peace. It is immaterial for me, where I am. It is only so long
       as I have this body that I have to suffer.
 39. I want to declare you as the Acharya. Nobody would be worried when I am no longer
       here. The elders know everything but the new disciples do not know. I would have spoken
       out everything but people would come know of my pouting away and a great million of
      crowd would assemble here. I do not like all this to happen. Let everyone go. All my
      devotees are dear to me. It will an uncontrollable situation. Everyone will sway in emotions
      of attachment, grief  and separation. So let everybody go.
 40. There is conflict going on with nature. There is a reverse motion going on in my heart.
 41. The force of nature seems to be running counter. you must understand all these. This is the
       death of a Yogi.There is nothing to be worried about. I shall renounce the body peacefully
       only when we have talked over everything.
 42. It is the greastest of all the acts I have done in my life. There is the last and the biggest ordeal
       of my life. It is a phenomenal act.
 43. How to go? It was then open all the time. But now it seems to have clogged down at the moment.
       How to get out?
 44. what is all this happening at this fog? (I asked Swami Ji how he was feeling within? He kept mum.)
 45. ( After two days) It is alright. Do not put your fingers there. It is as soft as the scalp of a new born
       baby. (When I moved my fingers close to Brahma-Randhra. He admonished me not to keep them
       there lest there I blocked the flow. He had settle himself perfectly at the centre of Samadhi.
 46. Yes, now I  do not have to leave it. I have to leave it. I have to be here only. My path is absolutely
       clear now. I have no worries. It does not matter whether this body stays or dissolves. There is bliss
       all around.
 47. I have been and have died many times. I know the my-story of this very well. Which of the cycle of
       would you like to know? Swami ji told me of several cycles of birth that he had passed through, at
       which I was flabbergated. He also told me very many thing which I am not permitted to divulge in
 48. Should I care for this body and attened to its needs? It will not be proper if the Pranas leave this body
       while so doing. Where is time left?
        (He had reiterated this outside the case  as well.
 49. The reverse motion on in the heart. (He said the in the meeting. There is going to be change. The ninth day
       Magh Shukla is going to be the last day; but the Nal-Chakras throgh which the life force flows are getting
       deranged. Why all this at this moment? Threre was the need for it? How is all this happening?
 50. One should not get attached to anything whatsoever (He said this in the meeting). The status of a Guru is
        very high.Now is the time to go.
 51. I now have to tell everything in my speech.
 52. There is now for any worry. (He then spoken slowly.) All the knowledge is within myself. why should I
 53. It is allright. Sit before me.Whenever you sit, sit before me. You must have a clean heart.
 54. The power is passing to you. It is halting and is being delayed. You are not knowing it now. Later on, you
       will know know of it all. It is a secret knowledge which can be learnt from the Guru only see. This the
       location from where a Yogi directs the flow of his knowledge into other soul. Although you are not
       knowing it now, you will come to know of it later.
 55. A photograph must be taken of the occasion when I am bequeathing the treasure of this knowkedge
       to the heir on the wooden cot here. Bhubneshwar Babu will also be snapped together.
 56. It is you alone who could understand everything within me. All my powers and the stream of  knowledge
       flowed into you completely. It is you only who would know all my secret spiritual experience.
 57. Scores of disciples came into contact with me during my lifetime but they are were all devoid of knowledge,
       devotion discerning faculty.
 58. You body is born out of mine.My Parmanus, (fundamental particles of nature) are working fully within you.
       How could I then pass this pure knowledge into the impure  bodies of other persons? The stream of Brahman
      Vidya flows into pure souls only.
 59. What should I tell you now? I have concealed nothing from you.
 60. Discrimination,patience forgiveness and peace are four gems of virtues. One possessed of these virtues becomes
       a great man or the guides of the world or a Guru. This is all that I have to tell you.
 61. Note down everything that I am saying. This body would no longer be there ro guide you.
 62. This was not the yet. But I am getting signals repeatedly for relinguishing my body. What a fun?
 63. All my inner strength is disentegrating. The nature is working contrary to its course. Now you must attend to
 64. One must nominate his successor during his life time itself., otherwise controversies may arise us to who would
       be the successor. It would be foolish not to do so.
 65. Had there been no successor today, what a situation would have arisen?
 66. You must set everything rith. You will preact only to the deserving among the disciples and to those dear to you.
       It is only the disciples who have surrendered themselves to you and have refuge under you that they deserve to be
       sermoned and are entitled to devotion and liberation. None else is entitled to such benediction.
 67. I have fitst to decide to go there, and then on reaching there I would what else to do.(This he had told me two days
 68. It will be good to return within three years and three months.
 69. It is my place whenever I have to come, I shall come here. At other place new arrangement have to be made.
 70. There too somebody else has occpied the place. I have to displace him and occupy the position. Obstacles are
       everywhere. This is an art of Yogi. The is the sport of Yogi. I am the knower of the technique.
 71. I entrust to you the responsibility to propagate this mission in Asia. Give a round to the countries in the East.Do not
       plan to go to America or Russia at this stage. You must first light thre candle in your own house.
 72. The Acharya will only preach and others will take the cure. Your audience and sermons alone will suffice.
 73. Where ever you go, the air in that region will be purified. You are the redeemer of sculs floating on the ocean of life.
 74. You are complete. So long as this body is there something will be felt. When this body will not be here all my powers
       will merge in you.
 75. I am leaving behind two disciples and attendants Yoganand Brahmachari. Do not let them suffer on any account.
       You may have more in future if you desire.
 76. Never take a respite. The Acharya always keeps moving about. Never get entangle in delusion. You have to
       propagate as a Brahmachari with all your Indriyas (Organs) under full control.
 77. You will do everything with a sense of renuntiation. All men and women will worship you. They will worship
       your feet and other obeissance to you.
 78. The preacting of the Sar-Sabha is a preating of the highest order. So, preact discerningly.
 79. Ther must be proper propagation of Guru-Worship and devotion to Guru. In the field of spiritualism, Guru holds
       the supreme position.
 80. I was in the congress. You will do the time and the country needs. you should do everything with an eye to
       the shortcomings.
 81. If you so desire, you can take the to Baliya. You may do as you like.
 82. It is you alone who to do everything. Who else will do? I could not prepare any else. A number of people
       came begging to be elevated as Gurus, but they are all devoid of devotion and discrimination.
 83. Bhubneshwar Babu is my devotee. Keep him at peace by giving him knowledge and company.
       He will be great help of you.
 84. There is no obstacle as far as I forsee. Only one is there for it. But he will not do any harm. He may talk
       irrelevant, you have to keep patience. He has no strength. He does have a good feeling for you.
 85. You are now known to everybody. So you have to do everything keeping in view your position and
       reputation. You will always keep moving. You should not get stuck and stationed anywhere. You should
       uphold the dignity of your status and keep on doing everything accordingly. Now this all what is expected of you.
 86. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished if one has the faculty to discern and a degree of forttude.
 87. Everything should be setteled. Let no one say what I said about a particular thing. There is nothing to worry.
       When everything is decided, I shall think of making a move.
 88. You shall have to go to all the disciples at all the places. At all the places enough of speeches and discources
       will be given by you. You do not have to keep sitting.
 89. There is a period of fifteen years. You have to do everything within this span. It will then be other's turn.
 90. You have full knowledge of the 'Swarveda' and the principles. (He had spoken these words in presence of
       Bhubneshwar Babu.)
 91. I could not complete the 'Vigyan Darshan'. You will complete it and have it printed.
 92. The 'Swarveda' is a dissertation of the principles Yoga. Write a commentary on it in simple Hindi and have it
 93. The bigger Bhandara (The post funeral feast) should be help at the Vritikuttu Ashram and another at the
      Dandakban (in Gujarat). They would not come here. There will be uncontrollable crowd and much inconvenience.
 94. Let all those coming from Bombay return home. There  is no need for them to stay here any longer. Send them
      all back.
 95. Keep him here. You may need him. (This he said at the time Sardul Singh was departing.)
 96. When you arrange for the big Bhandara (post funeral feast) everything will have to be organised on a grand scale.
       A new is taking over. It is now  your time.
 97. Once I depart, the adversaries will raise unnesessary doubts and controvercies. But it will not make any difference
       for the devotees.
 98. After the Bhandara will be over, you should rush to Gujarat. It is a far off place. If you go over there once, the
       disciples shall have solace.
 99. At Dandakban you will live alone. Your food will be prepared separately. Great men should leave remanants of
        their food on their plates.
100. When I am no longer here, my devotees and children shall weep for me. My disciples shall keep waiting for me.
        This will be very improper.
101. I do not know why I am needed there? So much of my life was spent here. what was the need for it now? But I
        shall have to leave the body now. I am experience repeated sounds for it.
102. (I told him that Yogis experience such sound beats, to which he said in very strong words.) No this not that sound;
        this sound  is signalling death.
103. One should not have any doubts or any undue attachments towards the Guru. The place of a Guru is very high.
        Time is closing in. It is time to go. One should not unnecessary worry on any account. It is all mirage and
        illusion. There are many things in life.
104. The Pranas are disintegrating. What is its remedy? Everything seems to be in a turmoil inside.
105. There has been a good propagation. It is growing. The nature is favourable to us.
106. I am scared of water. Keep me away from water, otherwise some untoward incident may occur.
107. The Shunya Shikhar Ashram is in the mountains. If you can, look after everything. You do so. But how much can
        you really do?
108. You must also lecture at Barkakhata where I have lived before. You have to organise a Bhandara over there also.
109. You do not always remember things. You forget certain things. Incidents may occurs.
110. I shall re-emerge in the sky after remaining in water for twelve hours. and I shall let you know when I shall so
111. Propagation of the Yoga across the world is my firm resolve. It is bound to succeed. It will not be completed
        now. But it will surely consumme during the third generation. This is the resolve of a yogi and it shall have
        its fruition.
112. I am now a fore-father. You will remember me. I shall do everything in an indirect manner. See, this is the place
        from where you have to invoke the Guru. This is a knowledge which can be learnt only from the Guru. This is
        a secret knowledge; mind it. This will help you.
113. Even after you leave your body, I shall continue to do my work extensively in indirect manner.
114. I shall think of going only after I liberate at least one lakh souls.
115. He is a knave****check***. he is noting down the address of someone. Why should be do so? I am pained at
        his behavior. Never trust time.
116. It is the mystery of the location of two and ten You know it all. Everything will be alright.
117. Today is this the fifth day. This is over. Now everything is done. It is now my work. Let everyone go. Let no
        one be here. I shall do this work in peace. This is last hour. This is the most important work.
118. This is my last test. This is the biggest work of life, bigger than all the works I have done so far. Let everyone
        go away. I shall consign it slowly then.
119. There is not much time now. Let everyone leave in haste. You see them all off in peace and with affection. No
        No one should be put to any trouble.
120. The Acharya does not distinguish between respect and disrespect. He is calm like the sea.
121. While in a meeting the Acharya looks only to the front and not ask once***check***. You will give spiritual
        sermons clad in the robe in which I am at the moment.
122. The Acharya's words emanate from the Shabda-Mandal, radiating in its glow. It is there that the Acharya sits while
        sermoning to his devotees.
124. The Yogi does not look to illusions. He sees inside himself. He does not see beyond. You should keep your
        consciousness fixed to the central point of the Guru-Mandal.
125. It is allright. All steam are merging in one. They are all one and the same. I am sitting at the place from where
        the creation begins and the deluge starts.
126. I wish at least there top ranking leaders of the country if not ten, had been here to see for themselves how
        a Yogi of India is renouncing his bodily frame. Death also is a science.
127. You will preach the message of the Guru in a fearless manner. This is a stream that is coming from above.
        Its flow go no uninterrupted.  
128. You shall wind up all your work three months before you are due to renounce your bodily frame and move
        oveer to Vritikutta Ashram. When you see that the time has come, you come out of the  house........
        see, this is the exit through which a Yogi renounce his frame. A Yogi never gives up his ghost within the confines
        of his house.
129. My samadhi will here where as your Samadhi will be there at Vritikutta Ashram.
130. The most important work of the Acharya is to subjugate the mind and the Pranas. These are two important
        things. You control them through endeavour. Everything else is allright. 
131. The Para-Brahma is the Supreme goal. All work is accomplished under his divine shadow. Everything is regulated
        from that end. He pervades everything inside and outside of us. When an Acharya Sermons he does with his
        consciousness fixed upwards.
132. This is my last hour and my last sermon. Note it down. You may not retain it in your mind.
133. Complete the 'Vigyan Darshan' and whatever has to be written, you write. You know everything about the
        principles and the functions of an Acharya.
134. I and you are the genesis of this organistion. Whatever you and I shall write and speak shall be sacrosanct
        for the disciples.
135. Now everything is over. There is nothing more left to do said. Tell me, should I do now? (Saying this Swamiji
        lay down.)
136. You must keep silent at the questionings of an adversary. When he leaves after his nonsensical queations, you
        should resolve them in a spirit of calmness. If you enter into a dialogue with him, he will try to tarnish your image.
        It is for this that he has come to you. Keep this in mind. This will help in your propagation work outside.
137. All your disciples are like sons to you. Preach Brahma-Vidya to them with love and patience. Treat them all
        with equal compassion. Show them kindness and love. Shower your benediction on them all.
138. There should be no distinction between the big and the small, the high and the low. An Acharya looks at every one
        with equal compassion. You should love everyone and visit every one's house. You should go to all your disciples,
        from a hut to a palace, and convey to them the message of the Guru.You should have no compunctions about
        visiting any one's place. The Acharya is for everyone. He is not for any particular tribe or for any individual, for
        that matter.
139. Your relations with everyone is of spiritual kind. You should have no practical or formal relationship with any one.
        An Acharya never considers any one his man or of his kin.
140. You attained Guruhood at an early age. Discrimination, patience, forgiveness and tranquility combined with surenity
        of mind are the four basic props on which progress in like depends. Remember these four cardinal virtues. This my
        my parting advice to you. What else can I tell you at this time? I have been guiding you throughout. Now also I
        am telling you the same. You know everything. You have to propagate and manage it well. The position of a Guru
        is very exalted.
141. The Acharya always kepps on moving. A great man roves over the entire earth. You must keep moving. It is only
        later that you have to settle. Have the Bijak printed in the press. All your journeys should be over in about a year.
        At all the places that you shall visit, you have to convey to the people the solemn teaching of the Guru soaked
        in rector, and while you do so, you shall have to have complete control over your Indriya (Organs) and observe
        total celibacy and highest degree of integrity. You shall not let your semen fall.You have to be particular about it.
142. Keep taking milk. Satvic food (Non- toxic pure vegetarian food) is ideal for an Acharya. Food that is sour or
        sour or sweet is not good.
143. Do not treat any one harmly, on any mistake. You must always treat people with kindness. Do not turn out any
        one on slight mistake. Forgive them. Do not be unduly perturbed over small irritations. All adversaries gradually
        fall and wither away. You should stick to principles of truth.
144. I am entrusting a great responsibility to you. You have to shoulder it.
145. Let everyone go. There is no need for any one to be here. When everyone will go away, you shall think over it
146. The heart is functioning in the reverse order. This is the stage of the last hour.
147. You think coolly where I should renounce the body. I have no time left. I cannot come down from the
        *tower<-CHECK**  to decide how to dispose off this frame.
148. I am at war with nature. All the nerve centres inside me have been smashed. Where them so live in?
149. The *Apaan<-CHECK* Vayu (the life force acting from the naval downwards) had been rendered out of order
        two days ago. This had already become disparaged, and now it is absolutely ineffictive. The Pranas also are
        dissarranged.The entire system of Nature is reversing.
150. The entire nature is working in the reverse order. All forces from all sides are disintegrating.
151. I am getting a sound from outside. It is echoing. It is not a conscious sound. It is a sound from the outside.
152. The Pranas and the mind are getting out of control, they leaving me. I am passig through a severe struggle.
        They  are all leaving me. The Pranas and the mind are parting from me.
153. There  is no time now. Arrange for the Samadhi. People do not understand all this.
154. Send people on errands so that all arrangements can be made, otherwise there be a big connection here after
        I leave the body. You also stand a risk.
155. Set everything right. This has been done with great effort. Struggle is life. Do not shun it. First arrange for
        bricks and stones. There is very little time left now. (He spoke these words in great haste.) Take care of your life
        and protect your dignity and honour, and then attend to everything.
156. I shall do everything even after leaving the body. You do not have to worry.
157. So long as you are alive, there shall be no other Guru. There is no one holding your status at the present.
        You will bring the message of the Guru and propagate Brahma-Vidyain in a fearless manner.
158. It is a Yogi's dynasty. Its flow would go on forever. There must be an Acharya in it.
159. Never keep yourself in doubt that Swamiji hid anything from you ( This he said by laying his hands bear to me).
        It is not so. Whatever I had to do,show or demonstrate. I have done. I have paid my debt. Do not say that
        Swamiji did not do anything for you. I have done everything. Now it is your look out. Whatever the Guru had to do,
        he has done.
160. Keep everything in mind. Do not forget them. Otherwise  I shall keep propelling you from inside.
161. I shall have control over your mind. I shall be supervising everything from above. All that you have to do is to travel

                                                                                                       Written by:
                                                                                     Acharya Dharamchandradeo Ji Maharaj
                                                                                                         L. Hussain                    
                                                                                                         K. D. Sinha

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